The Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad is an extreme-protective case and it comes with three layers of protection against your ipad getting scratched or damaged if were you drop it. There is a skin of silicone which holds the iPad in place and also is there to absorb any shocks inflicted by bumping or banging the iPad against other objects such as a hard floor or a swinging door. The material of the case is called Zytel which is a high specification nylon.

The name Destroyer by Incipio is a weird name for an item that is supposed to be protecting something . Hopefully nothing bad happens when you use the reinforced side rails that uses screws to keep it attached snuggly to the Apple Amazing iPad. The outer shell of the case is a fibre glass reinforced affair and has a silicone insert within, that is there to reduce the effect of any shocks taken by the outer case. It comes with an allen key to tighten the screws when you fit it to the iPad.

There is a good feeling of security you have, when using the case because it holds the iPad so well. Even so I still don’t like the idea of dropping computers on the floor on purpose. At least if an accident happens I will breathe a sigh of relief. The only thing you might need extra when you have the Incipio case protecting your iPad is a screen protector. Actually there is one included, try that one out first, to see if you find it good enough for your needs.

Incipio Destroyer Case for iPadTweaking the Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad

The jury is still out on whether the moulding of the cover is well cut or not. Some users say that they would like to take a Dremel to widen some of the port holes and a knife to sort out the USB port cover. It seems that can be a little difficult to pull that cover plug out of the plastic frame. I think that sometimes a tight fit to start with, allows for some wear and tear in use. Especially if you are using the iPad for Business.

One thing you have to take into consideration is the way that you use the iPad. Are you a careful sort of user that needs to have the extra protection of a hard case. For the average user the Apple iPad case will be sufficient. I did drop the iPad once with the Apple case on and I actually saw clearly that it fell on one of the corners which as an edge that took the shock quite well. With an Incipio Destroyer Case for Apple iPad you could probably get away with a drop from higher up. So ask yourself how careless you are, or how accident prone you are, to help with the decision process of the type of case to buy.

The size of your hand will possibly be a factor with buying a case also. When you grip the iPad that is hidden in a case like this, you have an extra amount of object to grasp and you will notice a different feel or user experience by having an Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad. It really comes down to personal choice on that.

Users of this case have suggested that you should give the case a wipe down to make sure there is no dust residue left from the laser trimming process. A damp cloth will sort that out easily, just do it before assembling the case. Of course like all hard shell case types of assemblage, you should not have to force any of the joints together. So the wipe clean before you start will ensure that the parts clip or slide together as they are supposed to.

Check the entrance to the port for connecting anything like the Apple Camera Connection Kit or third party devices that do the same job. Will they still fit once you have installed the iPad into the Incipio Destroyer iPad case? I think it is a shame that the iPad doesn’t have a port for the SDHC cards built in already. It would save some messing about with carting around extra connectors or converters.

Will It Fit on the Stand You Have Already?

Remember too, that you will have to have a stand or carry case that will take the extra dimensions of the iPad in an Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad. Probably best to have the case bought first then get other accessories after that to suit the case.

Other cases you might think about for the iPad could be the Otterbox or the Zaggmate. I like the Zaggmate as you can get it with a bluetooth keyboard included. There are a mountain of third party cases for the iPad version one and iPad2, if you can get in to a shop to look at the cases in the flesh you will get a better idea what will suit you best. The OtterBox Defender looks bigger and perhaps uglier on first impression. That one is made from Black Polycarbonite with a layer of silicone skin to provide the durability and shock absorption.

Other Cases You Might Try Out

One handy feature of the Otterbox iPAD iPad Defender Series Case is that it comes with a built in stand, which is a lot more convenient than having to buy a stand that is especially sized for an iPad that has been beefed up by a hard case. Having a stand is vital if you want watch a movie for example, you move around or fidget too much to get a good viewing experience otherwise. On the Otterbox there are also silicone grip pads on the underside that stops the device from sliding all over the place. Like the Incipio Destroyer, the Otterbox is not water proof, but is perfect protection for when you are using the iPad for business or if you are connecting a microphone to the iPad so that you could do some podcasting for example.

It is not all about protection though, the style and the look of the case is important too. No point having a beautiful naked iPad and putting it in an ugly case. I have not seen any complaints of the Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad saying that it is ugly even though beauty is always in the eye of beholder.