Inclusive Education Lesson Plan

The following is a lesson plan for teaching 6th graders the importance of inclusion in the classroom.

 Title: What is inclusive education? 


1) Students are educated on what inclusive education is

2) Students learn the importance of inclusive education    

3) Students determine whether they think inclusive education is good

4) Students determine whether they think inclusive education is bad

Skills:  The students will work on their problem solving skills because they have to figure out whether or not they believe that inclusive education is effective in the classroom.  The students will work on their listening skills because I will be lecturing and giving them instructions.   

Grade Level: Sixth Grade 

Lesson Content: First the teacher will give a brief explanation of what inclusive education is.  The students will then be grouped into groups of four.  One student will be assigned the teacher role, on student will be a blind student, and the other two students will be the “normal” students.  The “teachers” in each group will be given an inclusive math addition lesson.  The “normal” students and “blind” students in each group will then try to learn the math lesson the “teacher” is teaching them.  After they are done the class will then come back to a group discussion about what happened.  They will talk about what the blind student did, they will talk about what the normal students did and they will talk about the difficulties the teacher had.

Formation:  The students will be grouped into groups of four. 

Equipment:  The teaching environment will be inside the classroom at their desks.  The equipment needed for this lesson is an inclusive math lesson plan for the groups to teach.  The teacher also needs to have a PowerPoint or projector slide on the information about what inclusive education is.

 Teaching Cues: 

1) Remember to speak clearly because you will be teaching students to learn from a different perspective.

2) Remember to speak slowly and demonstrate the lesson slowly enough for all students to be able to follow.

3) Remember to remind the “teacher” to they must change their teaching style to accommodate each of the different learning styles.

 Suggestions:  This lesson plan must be done inside. This lesson could be done with a different topic besides math.  An English, or writing lesson could be more effective.

Assessment:  The children’s discussion at the end of their “teaching” in groups is their assessment.  They will all talk about the problems and positive things they encountered while in their groups.  The students will talk about what they think about inclusive education and their conclusions they drew from their group assignment. 

Resources Used: and lecture

 Teaching Styles Used: Task Style is used in this activity because the teacher makes decisions of what the children are doing pre-class, the students are given an activity and then told to do it in small groups with task sheets.

National or State Content Standards:

5.7 Model support toward individuals of all ability levels and encourage others to be supportive and inclusive of all individuals.