We all have reasons why we may not want out browsing history to become public knowledge.  It could be that you are searching for a new job and don't want your current boss to know.  It could be that you are researching the perfect gift for your wife and don't want to blow the surprise.  Or maybe it is simply that the idea of Big Brother watching everything you do and the fear of becoming a 1984 world makes you want to protect your privacy.

Rather than having to remember to delete your cache everytime Google Chrome OS have come up with a free tool so you can search online under the radar.

With Google Incognito the pages you view will not appear in your browser history or search window.  Cookies won't leave crums that tell of your browser history as soon as your close the window. 

What will remain behind? Anything you choose to download and any bookmarks you create in Incognito mode.  This is because the system is smart enough to realise that you actually want to save the information or sites.  Its really is the best of both worlds.

So how do you access this cool Google tool?

Simple - just the way it should be.  No download required. Open your browser and use the short cut keys Ctrl + Shift + N (for Windows Linux and Chrome OS) and there is also a shortcut for Mac users.  

If you don't want to use short cut keys then you can also click on the Google Chrome menu - top right of you screen - 3 little lines on top of eachother - and then select New incognito window.

This will open a new webpage window which will let you know You've gone Incognito.

Warning - the only thing that might give you away is the little image of a man (looks like a spy in a hat and sunglasses) who sits in the top left corner of your browser.  He is there to remind you that you have Incognito mode switched on.  He isn't obvious but might raise some questions.  I, therefore, suggest you use Incognito when you have to - not as a permanent.  Afterall - no internet history at work can be just as condemning and may raise the eyebrows of your current boss.

Incognito New Page Notification
Credit: Google Chrome