Are you and your family living in poverty? Do you have a tough time paying your rent due to you not making enough income? If you are answered yes to those questions then you may be a candidate for income based apartments. These are apartments where the rent has been subsidized by the government. In this way, the lowered rent makes it easier for low income people to afford the apartment.

In order to get into income based apartments for rent, you have to qualify first. If you are currently getting food stamps or a participant in welfare programs, then you could qualify for an apartment. HUD manages the housing program so they are the ones who decide whether or not you qualify. You can check on HUD's website for the income limits required to live in apartments based on your income. You would need to go down to a housing agency to fill out some forms. You also have to provide proof of your income such as a pay stubs covering the last several months, last year's tax return, or a letter from your employer stating your income. If you are approved for based on income apartments then HUD will give you a voucher.

Next you'll want to get a list of apartments based off income from HUD. Take the information and go look at each apartment. Not all apartments are the same and the staff and management are different. You have to find the right apartment for yourself. You can also check online for reviews regarding the apartment complex. Past residents who have lived there give reviews and the reviews can help you to make a decision on the apartment. Sometimes you may see reviews noting a common problem such as maintenance not coming to fix things. That would let you that if you moved into that apartment you may have maintenance issues as well.

Another thing to note when choosing the right income based apartment is the neighborhood the complex resides in. You want to find a place that is relatively safe. It does no good to move into an area with a high crime rate since all the money you save from living in apartments that are income based is stolen by burglars or thieves. Regardless of the neighborhood that you live in, you should buy renter's insurance. This protects your belongings from theft and other mishaps. By taking the time to find the right place, you'll feel good coming home to your income based apartment.