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Senior Assistance

A rapidly growing need

Are you retired but needing a little extra income?  Or perhaps you are just looking for something productive to help fill your days.  There are several part time job niches that I have found especially suited to the over 50 age group.  
We are  seeing a huge increase in the number of retirees in the United States.  You can see it in the increase of senior facilities being discussed and built.  Actually, in the news recently was the fact that the largest increase is in memory care facilities.  Reports indicate that a huge number of people with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease are expected as baby boomers age.  More need for care in facilities means more care will be needed in homes as well.  Seniors require special care at times that I believe adults over fifty are more qualified  to give. 
Whether on your own or as a couple, you might consider the ideas listed here.

Senior Day Care

Often needed every day

 In cases where families are caring for their senior,  in the senior’s home or their own,  there is often a need for a back up caregiver.  In some cases it might be for one to five days a week while they are at work.  It may be the families live away and simply want someone there with their family member.  Many are capable of taking care of themselves in most circumstances, but they would welcome someone around.  
It may involve fixing meals, taking to doctor appointments, but perhaps just being there.  There are actually out-of-home day care businesses for seniors in many cities.  It's something that you can offer in your own home even, if you prefer.  You might find consistent job opportunities there as well, whether part time, fill in, or full time.  There is such a growing need.


Relief Care

Your presence means security

In other cases, if the person is still living on their own, there might be a need for a shift reliever.  For instance, if they have a caregiver during the day, they might need someone to spend the night in the house in case the person needs help, or in case of emergency.  It could be for a night or two to give an aide days off, or it could be for most nights.  While skilled nursing might be required in many instances, at times family might want help so their loved one isn’t on their own.  
Again,  this is a good fit for a senior couple.  A senior person or couple has more experience and usually more patience to help as needed.

Senior 'Sitting'

Companionship may be the need

Here's a more casual aid idea that could be a few hours a day or week, as needed.  I think this is essential to a caregiver who is caring for a family member.  Depending on the degree of the illness, caregiving can be overwhelming, a heavy weight that is 24/7.  
Just as young parents have a list of sitters to call, caregivers need the same.  If they can have a sitter come in and spell them for a few hours here and there, whether day or evening, it can provide such relief.  Again, whether single or a couple, your services would be invaluable.
Quite often you would there simply to assure the safety of a senior.  They are able to take care of themselves, but there may be situational concerns, such as fall risk, diabetes issues, or occasional forgetfulness.  Other times it may be to aid someone with Alzheimer's or another serious illness that requires more attention.



Keeping Company
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Personal Assistant

From errands to bill paying

Another  idea growing in popularity now arises from the fact that most seniors can use aid in one form or another.  Offering rides to appointments, errand running, or other ‘personal assistant’ duties to a senior is another invaluable service.  Taking a bus isn’t always feasible or convenient, and cabs can be so expensive.  If you were to offer your services at an hourly or weekly rate, so they felt they could call you anytime, it would be a huge relief to seniors who no longer drive and don’t have family nearby.  
You can pick up a few groceries, mail packages, or perform odds and ends for them like wrapping presents or filing papers. The mail in itself can be overwhelming at some stages for seniors.   I’ve even seen people living in an assisted living facility have personal assistants, so they know they have someone to call should they need something.  It allows them the dignity and responsibility of taking care of their own needs through someone they hire.


Even once a day would help

Do you like to cook?  If so, or if you  cook for your own family, why not cook for a few extra and provide meals to seniors?  There may be city restrictions on this, but if it is allowed, many families would be glad to pay for a good hot meal for their senior, so they  get at least one good meal each day.  Meals on Wheels is not available everywhere.  

It would be a good idea to take a food handler's course so you can show you are certified.  Usually a course that lasts three hours to a day, depending on your location, it is a good refresher on safe handling of foods.

Seniors Helping Seniors

Works for all

Senior care offers unique opportunities today for part time income.  While any age can help,  retirement age adults can be more comfortable for a senior sometimes, more able to relate to their needs and concerns.    

Connections of this sort can be found through churches, Hospice, temporary nursing facilities (where someone is briefly), doctors offices, word of mouth, senior centers, senior assisted living facilities, and your local Senior Services office.  Be sure to have information about yourself, references, car info and insurance, if needed.

A few phone calls  may be all it takes to find just the connection you need.  As you can see, you may be able to put it a few hours a week, twenty hours a week, a night or two, or more.  Most situations offer some flexibility--something you probably have as well.  It is a great fit for both sides.

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