How Much I Earned in My First Month of Internet Speculation.

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A little about me.

Having worked in a full time job for the first few Years after leaving university, where I had always wanted to start my own business and work for myself, I decided that it was time to take control. I have left my employer, staying on as a freelancer with a slight pay cut for minimal hours. This feels like a dream come true to me. So I have decided to try and top up my income with passive earning and online work. The end goal is to be location and time free, allowing me to travel and work as I wish. I do not wish to stop work at all, I would like to have the freedom to find something that excites me so much I would do it for free.

Short term goals:

To prove to myself that all the hyperbole written on blogs, niche sites etc about earning money is at least partly true and it is possible to make money out of nothing from your own initiative.

Long Term Goal:

To make enough from various online sources to be able to pick and choose any other work that I may do. This figure is around $20,000. I know this will not happen overnight, so I am happy with small incremental gains over time.

Methods of earning:

Having done a lot of research in the preceding weeks and months, I have managed to set up accounts on Infobarrel, as well as the following:

Qmee – pays you for clicking links after certain Google searches

Quidco – pays you to sign in using your mobile phone in certain stores

Ways to earn in the future:

Ebay – I hope to source a physical product as soon as possible to sell.

Google Adsense – Having been denied initially, I will need to set up my own site to get my own personal account

Youtube – Linking to Adsense, I hope to start a Youtube channel. I have a camera and editing software, so there is no cost involved in setting this up, but I will need an Adsense account to monetize a channel.

Niche Site – I have an idea for my site, it is something close to my personal life that I have experience with, and that is not a flash in the pan, and will be around forever. I will need to begin my research on Wordpress and other blogging/site creation platforms, start creating content and register the domain name (which is available).

Shutterstock/Microstock Photography sites – Having just bought myself a camera, I have gotten the bug and feel like I can learn whilst making some money if I can get the quality of my images high enough. I am not sure these sites will accept me at such an early stage, but taking photos is a nice break from writing and doesn’t feel like work at this point so it is a nice distraction.

Textbroker – I did not originally want to work on anything that could not give me a residual passive income, however freelance writing is something that will help me improve my writing skills whilst generating definite income, giving me the morale boost of seeing actual cash coming in.

Amazon Affiliate – This has been denied to me a few times now, signing up using my infobarrel page – I think this may be my problem, so as soon as I have my own niche site I will reapply, unless anyone here can offer advice?? 


Infobarrel: $1.82 $8. 25  (cashed out since May)

Total: $10.07

Earnings have been slow to pick up, however I seem to have had something of a flying start compared to other Infobarrel members I have seen in the forums, with my first two articles getting clicks and paying out. I swiftly followed up with 5 more, however I have not been able to repeat this success. I have decided that this is due to the length and overall quality of my articles, as my views to reads figures are particularly bad, being as little as 5% on certain articles, so my Infobarrel goal is to try and make all my articles at least 1000 words long, to draft my work more thoroughly and to wait a while before posting things, to view them with a fresh set of eyes.

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