Dealing with urinary incontinence or minor bladder control issues requires the right equipment and some patience. Incontinence bed pads are one of the best ways to help a person suffering from bladder control problems sleep through the night and alleviate a little bit of stress. The use of these pads alongside either indwelling caths, adult briefs or condom catheters is common to stop occasional leaks, but they are also used by people looking to build a line of defense against infrequent accidents that may be caused by a variety of ailments. They can protect sheets and mattresses and allow for a better night's sleep. Chronic bladder problems do not have to cause sleeping problems, too.


Who uses incontinence bed pads?

Many people use incontinence bed pads for many different reasons. Hospitals and nursing care facilities are major users to help keep bedridden patients comfortable and dry. Families with bed-wetting children find them to be a practical and effective alternative to rubberized sheets. Short-term urinary incontinence issues stemming from illness or medical treatments are easily controlled with the use of these highly absorbent pads. Of course, they are also commonly used at home by people suffering from long-term bladder problems as well. People with Alzheimer's or other mental illnesses can't always reach the toilet on time or even comprehend that they have the urge to go. For home health nurses or family members taking care of them, these pads are a real help.They are quick and easy to change out and work on any sleep surface.


Types of chux pads

The two main types of bed pads are disposable bed pads and reusable pads. The kind that a person chooses is based on many things. If laundry facilities are not available and if accidents are sporadic, the disposable variety makes sense. For chronic bladder issues, the machine washable types are a real money saver. Both of them come in a range of sizes with one of the most common styles measuring 34" by 36", but they can be purchased in a 34" x 54" size for maximum coverage. Incontinence Bed PadsFrequently called chux, these pads are marketed under a wide list of names and made by dozens of companies. Most have a plastic or vinyl back with a nylon/poly/cotton blend material that is quilted and effective at wicking away moisture and locking it in. It is comfortable to sleep on and large chux pads are capable of retaining up to 1000cc of liquid! They are easily bought in quantity and a month's supply of disposable pads will usually be less than $50.

Incontinence bed pads are easy to purchase at major medical supply house. The are readily available for purchasing online at retail giant Amazon, too. The various brands all have some differences. Some users complain that certain models are too thick, too noisy, or not absorbent enough. It is recommended that the user try several different kinds before committing to a bulk purchase. Some users save left over pads even if the bladder control issues clear up because they are always useful in kids' beds and even pet areas. Urinary incontinence is no fun and sufferers worry during they day that they may have leaks from their adult briefs, indwelling catheter, leg bag or condom catheter. Stress can make these problems worse. Coming home for a good night's sleep should be a reward and not more punishment. Incontinence bedding will ensure a quality night in bed without the constant worrying about "what if". Buy them for yourself or someone you love and let everyone enjoy a restful night.