Incontinence products have come a long way in the past few decades and can help anyone feel more secure and confident no matter how serious their bladder problems are. If you are one of the millions of people worldwide that suffer from urinary incontinence then you already know that worrying about leakage is only a small part of the problem. You are just as likely to worry about the smell of urine on your clothes or skin. No one wants to sacrifice their dignity or make anyone view them as unhygienic. No matter the situation there are some great ways for you to stay dry and also block the tell-tale urine scent that may lead to embarrassment. Consider incontinence products like catheters, bed pads and toilets that can offer you serious odor protection.
Any man using a condom catheter device should make sure to have a snug and well-secured fit. This can be the first step in blocking unwanted odors. Beyond this, let science take over! There are now special plastic leg bags that not only thwart bacterial growth that may lead to odor, but that also contain odor neutralizers in the plastic itself. These new collection bags that work with a condom catheter promise mobility and privacy.

Maybe you are a victim of nighttime incontinence. Bed-wetting or occasional nocturnal leaks are common with incontinence sufferers. Many bed pads work to protect you and your mattress from wetness, but are also impregnated with special chemicals that act like a deodorizer and help block odor. This is a great feature that you will appreciate. It is for this reason that the simple bed pad remains a staple in health facilities around the world.

Bedside CommodeMany people are able to awaken and reach the bathroom during the night, but this can be a hazardous journey if you are elderly or physically incapacitated or have limited mobility. A bedside toilet is often a great choice, but, again, you probably don't want to smell one of these all night long either. There are special liners that you can purchase to drape the interior of the collection bucket and these special liners help neutralize odor. Many of these toilets also have lids that create a near airtight seal when closed, which is another way that they help control odor.

Collection bags with a condom catheter, incontinence bed pads and portable toilets are all smart ways to deal with incontinence and odor control at the same time. With so many products to choose from, surely one is right for you. Speak with others in the area and see if they have any suggestions on brands or styles that may work best. With a bit of trial and error, the right product will be found.