Damask fabric is one of the biggest trends right now. However, it is just that: a trend. This means that you should really bring it in if it's something that you love but you should also make sure that it's removable as well. You might be interested in going with this on your furniture. It's going to be a lot richer and more elegant looking. Then it adds personality to the microsuede couch that we have been seeing tons of lately. However, it can also be quite expensive and more difficult to clean so it's not suitable for all lifestyles. If you are using this on your more expensive furniture pieces such as your sofa then you want to go with a white damask fabric. You can even find subtle tone on tone sage prints. You should also go for smaller prints so it isn't as bold. This is going to help it to be a lot more neutral over time and this is one of the few patterns that can really last.

Black and White Damask Tablecloth

Black and White Damask Fabric

If you go with black and white damask fabric this can be very bold so you want to use it in ways that are very easy to change out. If you are buying these pieces for craft projects then you can really shop around just because it is so easy to find right now. That means that you might be able to take a large tablecloth that you don't need and turn it into several different craft projects. We are even seeing this used under trays with glass on top. It's also something that's appearing on cornice boxes and is a more feminine element to a black curtain.

This also has a slightly funky element to it which means that black damask fabric is a really great choice for a teenagers room. If your teen has a lot of gray walls or even just bright walls that don't feel sophisticated then try bringing this in on your bedding. Even if you just go with a cotton bedding it's going to be a very contemporary print without spending a ton of money. Oftentimes any kind of twin size bedding feels very juvenile so it is very important to really elevate the pattern.

Black and White Damask Curtains

Modern Fabrics

Since this is such a contemporary fabric really embrace this. It also has kind of a traditional feeling but the contrast between the black and white makes it a lot more modern. You could use this as an elegant version of a canopy. You could even just hang a few of these panels up on the wall your bed is on to give more height to your space or a platform bed. In this case, you don't want the curtains to be pleated. These should be very flat panels which will save you a lot more money because you'll be using a lot less fabric as well. Then you can hang other trendy elements such as a starburst mirror in between the panels to create an entire focal wall on a budget.