Orange is a modern color that can work well for almost any season. Use a pumpkin orange in the fall or a tangerine orange in the summer. This is a bold choice for a wedding color palette, but you may run into a snag with bridesmaid dresses. Some of the women may have never worn orange before. Here is how to incorporate orange bridesmaid dresses into your wedding in a way that both the bride and bridal party will be happy with.

Get your bridesmaids input on the shade of orange. Your bridesmaids may prefer a more metallic shade such as copper or gold that will still work with an orange color palette. Getting your bridesmaids in on the color palette will help you choose tones that flatter everyone. Yes, it is your day, but your bridesmaids have to pay for and wear the dress. You should retain the overall control and have the final say but let your bridesmaids work together to choose a shade that they can all be happy with. If your bridesmaids flat out refuse to wear orange then pair orange sashes and bouquets with a taupe dress for a modern look.

Consider short orange bridesmaid dresses. Orange is a bold color. An orange bridesmaids dress can end up totally making your event or being that piece than everyone makes fun of behind your back. Let orange make the statement for you. Go for a simple look and consider a shorter dress so that the bold color doesn't overwhelm the girl.

Be fashion forward. This may mean going with a separate skirt and top to add pattern and texture to the orange outfits. You may be able to find orange vintage pieces so that your bridesmaids will stand out for all the right reasons, although it will be next to impossible to find matching vintage dresses. Instead, allow your bridesmaids control over the shape since they can't control the color.

Pay for tanning and accessories. This will give your bridesmaids more of an incentive to wear orange. Head out to the tanning saloon so that orange doesn't make your bridesmaids look to opale. Give them bold gold shoes and necklaces to help balance the color while still maintaining a cohesive look.

Don't chicken out. Choosing orange evening gowns shows that you have a bold style and personality. You can create your own unique color palette by pairing coral and fuchsia together. This way your bridesmaids will have a choice of which color they will wear and you can still get your orange bridesmaid dresses.