AdSense earnings are important for many freelance writers that have their own sites or blogs and use Google AdSense for earning revenue. The more traffic you have for your ads with AdSense the more income you can earn.

Wanting to see your earnings improve is a natural feeling for everyone that promotes their articles on personal sites and blogs. The more your earnings improve the more money you will make. There are no quick and easy short cuts or magic formula to optimize your revenue and increase your AdSense earnings. However, there are some things you can do to make certain you are reaching your earning potential.

Don’t try and “beat” the system. Freelance writers that try hanky panky will find themselves banned and not earning anything with AdSense. Staying honest will keep your credibility as a writer and you will come out ahead in the end.

These are strategies recommended by several different freelance writers for their websites, blogs and article content sites that you can use to increase your earnings with AdSense.

Use link ad units

This will work best for websites. Use link ads along with your standard ads when possible. These don’t take up a lot of space or take away from the layout of most websites. These should be closely targeted to your content when using AdSense and are easy for readers to notice and click.

Use Google search boxes

Another promotion that works best for sites and blogs is Google search boxes. Using the Google search box will count toward your AdSense revenue.

Remember to place your search box in a convenient and easy to see place. Make the box large enough for ease of use. Many webmaster will use more than one box on their site or blog.

Don’t over saturate your content with ads

Too much of anything isn’t good. Too many ads are the same. It’s easy to want to place a lot of ads on your site because you feel the more ads the better your chances of getting hits. However, this is not visually appealing and will distract from your content as well as the ads themselves.

Colors should coincide with your site

Make certain the colors of your ads match your site layout and format. This looks great and will be more visually attractive.

Review Google AdSense blog

Google AdSense blog has a lot of optimization tips and hints to help you out. Review the information and you may find some helpful suggestions not listed here or that you haven’t previously considered. They offer advice on what types of ads to place where on your site or blog for the greatest impact.

Sometimes it simply may be trial and error. If one method or layout doesn’t work, switch things up and around for a week or two and review your analytics to decide if any positive impact occurred.

These are several techniques to make your Google AdSense revenue increase. Remember to stay within the guidance and rules established by AdSense to make the best of your earning opportunity.