Bukisa is a revenue sharing website that pays users based on page impressions on their content. This website is different from other revenue sharing websites because it does not pay you based on ad clicks or affiliate sales. Many people have signed up for Bukisa but have not seen good results with the website. This article will give you some great tips on how to increase your Bukisa earnings.

Think about keywords. There are many keywords that have high search volume and somewhat low competition. These keywords usually have low CPC (cost per click) so people do not write about them as much as others. These are the keywords that you want to use for your Bukisa articles because regardless of how much the clicks are worth, you will be getting paid per page view. This will allow you to target keywords that you usually would not use on other revenue sharing websites. If you can find the right keywords for your Bukisa articles, you can easily increase your earnings.

Get backlinks to your Bukisa content. You can use websites like Xomba and She Told Me to promote your Bukisa content and get more views. This will also give you good backlinks and help build the page rank of your Bukisa content. The more views your content gets, the more money you will make so it helps to get more backlinks to your content.

Build your Bukisa network. Bukisa has a great refferal program that allows you to earn money off of people that sign up under you. It can be difficult sometimes to get active members in your Bukisa network. Get your refferal link out there and once you get people to sign up, promote their content and visit it frequently. This will help you earn more money, help them earn more money and help motivate them to keep posting more content on Bukisa.

Bukisa is a great revenue sharing website and you can potentially make good money if you do enough research. Many people think that they cannot make money on Bukisa and just give up but it is good to diversify your online earnings. You may not use Bukisa as your main source of online income but it is good to have the extra cash.