When you are using revenue sharing sites as a way to make money online getting traffic is the key to earning. There are many different ways to get traffic to your content with the search engines being one of the most popular. Getting search engine traffic is all about ranking well in the search engine results of specific keywords. One of the key aspects of being able to do this is to get backlinks to your content.

Now you could sit and wait for people to naturally backlink to your content. This is find and a way to go. However, it can take a while to increase income on a revenue sharing site with this method. This is why most people that make money online get at least a few high ranking backlinks to their content to make more money with it.

What Is a Backlink

The first thing that you need to understand is what exactly a backlink. A backlink is link back to your page from another site or page on the Internet. The search engines look at a backlink as a vote for your content. In theory, the more votes that a piece of content gets the better it is. This is one of the many factors that search engines use to create the results people get when they type in keywords.

How to Get Backlinks to Increase Income

There are just about as many ways to get backlinks to your content as there are ways to make money online. You can post on social networks like facebook and twitter. Getting backlinks on forums and social bookmarking sites is also another way that many people go. However, one of the most effective ways to increase your search engine ranking is with in text links from articles on different web sites.

The more web sites that you can have of high rank and quality pointing back to your content on revenue sharing sites, the better your ability to rank for that much sought after search engine traffic. While you can do this manually, it is often better to use a service that offers the ability to get posted on different web sites. One such service that has access to over 500 sites to post backlinks to your content on is Build My Rank. With only 150 words of unique content, you can get a high quality backlink to your content to increase income for you.

Vary Anchor Texts

Now that you have your chosen ways to start linking back to your content, you are going to want to make sure that you are doing one more thing. It is important to vary the anchor text that you use. These are the words that you hyper link back to your content. One out of every five backlinks that you create should be your main keyword that you are trying to rank for. The rest can be related words that go with your topic. This is key to having your work work for you to make more money online.

Being able to increase income on revenue sharing sites is just about putting some more work into your content then just publishing it. Using automated service like Build My Rank can save you time on this endeavor and truly help you to make more money online.