PM allows you to help the customer when they need it the most!
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How a capitalize on delayed roof projects

3 Ways to Start Today!

I hate be the bearer of bad news, but...

Roof projects often don't proceed as planned.  Sometimes projects get delayed.  Instead of getting discouraged, or moving on to another 'lead,' recognize this as an tremendous opportunity that few contractors take advantage of.  Oh, did I mention it may require you to think outside of the box and put in some hard work???

Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs enable you to extend the useful life of your customer’s roof system while maximizing the entire investment.  This is usually accomplished through systematic roof inspections where proactive repairs and maintenance are performed on roof areas that are categorized by condition and priority.

PM methods are also incredibly inexpensive to implement - something your customer won't object to!

Note - Don't think you are going to get immediate cash flow from PM programs.  This need for 'instant' profit is the  main reason most roofing contractors fail to carry out successful PM programs.... Not looking at the 'big picture' could also be a reason a large amount of service providers find themselves unemployed inside a year or two!

The real power of preventative maintenance is that it establishes you as THE roofing authority in the customer's mind.  PM enables you to aid your client when they need it most.  As you can imagine, this also makes your roofing sales increase!

Here are 3 places you can put PM into practice:

1. The Roof project removed from this year’s budget and/or delayed a full year or more.

When a client has a project that's been removed from the budget, it's urgent that you to keep up the roof’s current condition.  Preventative maintenance programs will let you avoid added deterioration to the roof system and allow to stick to the originally budgeted specification (when the project is ready to go).

2. The roof has a lot of activity.
Roofs with heavy traffic, countless roof projections and units, chemical pollutants, and many other ‘unique’ characteristics make them a perfect candidate for PM programs.  Roofs of this nature typically fall victim to the ‘snow ball effect.’  PM programs make it easy to fix small problems now before they become bigger issues later on.

3. Customer has several roof phases and/or many locations.

Managing many different roof systems and facilities is extremely tricky for the customer.  You can digitize preventative maintenance summaries, making it possible for your prospect to use your reports, such as: life-cycle analysis, roof condition reports, before and after photographs, investment summaries by roof section, etc. - all from their office desk.  Just consider the money and time the prospect will save when they are managing their entire roofing portfolio from their laptop (and maybe even their mobile phone).

Get started now!

Go back to your “dead” jobs.  I'm not talking about projects you lost... I'm referring to the list of jobs that just 'fizzled' away for one reason or another.  Tell the client that you have thought about their project and you have some ideas that may allow them to buy more time until the project is ready.  Explain that you can address the current problems they are having and prevent further roof damage from occurring as well.  Present the idea the correct way and you shouldn't have a problem locking in a meeting to talk about the specifics in person!

Have you got any experience in Preventative Maintenance?  Your stories are great roof sales training - so please take a moment to share!

Stay Dry,