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Finding the Best Direct Sales Force Team

 A direct sales force is an integral part of you, your business, your products and the growth of your business if you have the right team in place. Choosing the best candidates for your direct sales force will often determine how successful your business will be. How do you know who will be the right member of your team? What qualifications should each member have? Use these guidelines to find the best qualified members of your sales team and you will succeed in any economy and beat the odds in growing your business.


Choosing the Best Direct Sales Force for Business Growth:

  • Search for individuals that have a positive attitude.

           When sales are involved, there will be times when a salesperson will not make an immediate sale but as long as they have a positive attitude and are willing and able to persevere, they will be an asset to your business growth.

  • Search for individuals that can easily speak to people without intimidation.

           Members of your team should be able to start a conversation and hold a conversation easily so that customers will not feel they are being pushed, rather they will recognize that the salesperson actually has their best interest at heart.

  • Search for members that are familiar with you, your company, your products or your services.

           Many times, these people will be the company’s best asset. When people already know what you offer, use your services, love and appreciate your products they can much more easily speak about your business to others with genuine interest and are able to convert sales much more readily to help your business growth. If you know people like this already, it will be in your company’s best interest to get in touch with them and offer them a position with you and your company.

  • Choose dedicated members with experience in marketing not necessarily expertise in marketing.

           Experts always desire and deserve more income and your business needs to expand and grow before you can afford an expert in many instances. People with experience in marketing on the other hand, will be willing to follow your lead and offer some potentially new and creative ideas to help your business sales and growth.

  • Seek out individuals that have a team player mentality.

           Sales in business requires that all members of the team are on the same page and are all willing to do whatever it takes for success. Encourage new ideas and creativity from all members of the sales team and reward the team for successful ideas that assist in converting sales.

  •  Choose members of the direct sales force that are dependable and have an ability to leave all their personal baggage at the door.

           A successful sales team knows the importance of staying focused on the goal of creating sales, increasing business and can leave their own personal issues at home. These are the individuals that will be an asset to you, your team and your company as they also realize that what is good for business is also good for them personally with additional income, bonuses, gifts and other incentives.

  • Find a successful sales force in individuals that are goal oriented.

           Goal oriented individuals are typically hard workers and can visualize the prize at the end of the day. They have a plan, take appropriate actions daily that will lead to sales, new customers, referrals and business growth.

  • Other qualities include honesty and trustworthiness, willingness to learn, avid readers in sales tips and marketing, self starters and forward thinkers. Work with your sales team until you are comfortable that they will be proper representatives of you, your company, your services and your products.


Do whatever you can to find the best candidates to help you increase business sales with the right candidates. You will beat the odds of not only staying in business beyond the typical 3-5 years, but will have weekly, monthly and yearly increases that help your business be the one to emulate.

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