All About Increasing your Traffic From Twitter

Increase your Traffic from TwitterChances are, if you are a blogger, article writer, site owner, business owner, affiliate marketer or make any sort of income from online sources, you are not getting enough from Twitter.

These days most people online understand that Twitter and FaceBook are excellent opportunities to brand yourself online and can result in  lot of extra sales and traffic in the long (and short) run. 

Twitter, specifically, is a wonderful tool to connect with people.  Whatever your preconcieved notions are about this microblogging network, anyone who wants to make money online regardless of the platform they may choose should invest some time and energy making and connecting on a Twitter account.

Often articles like these deal with obvious things that increase your traffic

  • Making a real connection with users
  • Increasing your number of followers
  • Being honest and open with your followers
  • Being an active retweeter

These items are all essential to increasing your site traffic from Twitter, but I am not going to dwell on them.  Increasing your followers and really connecting on Twitter are particularly potent methods of increasing the value of Twitter, but it should not be hard to find articles telling you how to do those.  Throw a brick and it will tell you how to increase Twitter followers and/or the importance of really connecting with your followers.

No, for this article I shall deal with many of the smaller issues at hand.

I am going to give you small, but actionable, tips to help you increase your Traffic from Twitter.

Content Curation on Twitter

One way to explain content curation is quality.  Quality matters, even on Twitter.  perhaps particularly on Twitter.

Twitter Traffic BirdThe content of your tweets, the frequency, how many are self-serving, how well written your 140 characters are, and what you link really do matter for engaging people.

If your links are always self-serving, or you link to a lot of ads people will think "spam" when they see your tweets.  YOu need to mix it up and try to give as much quality as possible, that way people will look forward to your tweets rather than simply pass them by.

#1.  Boost your Brand Awareness:  What is your message?  What do you want people to associate with you?  Your Tweets should be be about your topic. 

If you write on a site like INFOBARREL your Tweets should be about writing, the topics you write about (if it is a narrow focus), rewteets of other good articles and attempts to "connect" with other Tweeple.

On the other hand if you write an SEO website, you should only link SEO articles, retweets, related comments, etc.

The idea is you want your tweets to say something basic about you, "the writer guy/girl" "the SEO guy/girl" or even the "World of Warcraft guy/girl"


#2.  Follow Latest Trends:  You want to be seen as an expert on your subject matter.  Keep abreast of your topics.  If something big and new comes about, tweet about it early and often.  For a "content writer" this would have meant tweeting and getting a conversatoin going about "Panda" as soon as Google released that update.  Not months later.

#3.  Don't Tweet Outdated/Out of Season  Stuff:  Many people will automate a lot of their "Tweets" to have certian content retweeted X amount of times a day.  This can be fine if it is mixed in with "live" action some too.

But there can be a problem with this.  Outdated and Out of Season stuff.  If there has been a big change in your Niche/Topic make sure the information you link to is current.  A tweet saying, "We have to get out and find Bin Laden!" makes you look like a fool weeks after he has been found and killed.

Out of season is not as bad, but still should be avoided.  A Tweet talking about Christmas in Mid-July is not opportune, but you still see them all the time.  Seperate any "automated tweets" into "evergreen" and "Timely".  Evergreen content is the content that will be as timely in June as December and (unless a big change happens) will likely be as true in 2012 as it is in 2011.

#4.  You are What you Tweet:  This should be your general rule of thumb for all content.  Everything you tweet will brand you.  Tweet things that are "you" and promote or link to your efforts online.

SEO Matters on Twitter too

Use it to Increase yourTraffic from Twitter

Hopefully you have heard of the term SEO.  It stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the work you can do on a site/article or post to help your results be found in the organic results from Google.SEO Twitter

One thing many people do not take thre time to think about is that Twitter Results are stored on the internet.  They not only provide direct links, but they can be ranked for search results AND give the resulting sites SEO boosts.

All indications are that social media results like Tweets will only have a "larger" impact on Search Engine results in the future.  So getting started on trying to "SEO" your tweets now, will have a long-term positive impact.

The remainder of this guide on increasing your traffic from Twitter, will deal with using SEO practices to increase your twitter visability.

# 5. Twitter Picture:  If you have a default Green/Blue/Red Twitter bird as your "Avatar" shame on you.  Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Your picture should be of you and look professional -or- be tied to your specific branding.  A picture of She-ra from "Thundercats" does you no good unless you are tweeting about cartoons or nostalgia. 
  • Your picture should also be used across your platforms.  The same picture should be on you, facebook, website and any profile pics.
  • If you do have you face, try to make it seem professional.  If you are tweeting about sailing or skateboarding it is great to have a pic of you doing those things, otherwise a professional looking headshot should be used.
  • You should SEO your picture too!  The filename is used for your picture.  Filename "hottie-photo" will help you rank for those keywords.  If you have a swimming pool business in Los Angelos you would like to rank make sure your photo is named soemthing like "affordable LA Swimming pools".

# 6.  Twitter Username:  Your username matters.  There are two ways to think of this.  You can brand yourself  with /yourname for some benefit or use a similar SEO attack to the pictures like this:  /affordablelapools.

#7.  Seo your Tweets:  Putting SEO into your tweets allows you to both build authority for your topics as well as allowing your tweets to be found in Google search results.  Ensure that many of your tweets use similar keywords and keyphrases to begin building that authority and organic ranking.

Additionally using #hashtags for keyphrases will also allow another form of tweet curation and is a good idea to utilize for popular keyphrases.

#8.  Use your Real URL on Twitter:  There are a reason why URL shorteners are used, they take long clunky URls an make them nice and short to enable you to fit them in.  There is a problem with URL shorteners, though. They give no branding or trust.  They could be for any site.  Many people are leery of clicking shortened URLS.  Obviously there will be many times you will want to use the shortened URL, but when you can fit it, it is better to use the entire URL.

Use your slug.  A title is meant to grab the reader.  But you do not need the entire title in your "URL" block.  Make the title as interesting and inclusive as you desire but keep the actual "URL" portion as short as possible.  The Url block where you make the URL different from the title is called the "slug".  Utilize this slug to make your URL as short as possible.  Take out all words that are not "Action" words and leave yourself with just keywords.

As an example the title, "Crawling the internet with quality SEO slugs" would be effectively shortened to /seo-slugs.

#9.  Link to your Twitter Profile... Everywhere:   Yes, Twitter profiles can also get "Link-Juice".  These profiles can subsequently rank in Google for your keywords.

#10.  SEO your Twitter Lists:  If you haven't made a Twitter list yet, get to it.  Twitter lists have their own URLs.  You can link to your Twitter list and pass link juice to it.  These lists can also begin to pass on link juice and get rankings within Google.  You can even Tweet about your Twitter lists to show your authority and help to increase your branding for the topic.

Twitter is a tool that everyone can use and it is a tool that everyone should use.  If you are not on Twitter yet, you should be on it soon.  Hopefully these steps will help you increase your traffic from Twitter.