Backlink Technique

Link It All To Each Other

Webmasters and article writers share many goals but one goal in particular is to increase traffic.  There are many different ways to increase traffic but the focus here is to discuss different methods of creating backlinks to better search engine page rank to help increase traffic.

Firstly, article writers can increase traffic with the use of Revenue Sharing Websites.  Most article writers understand how creating backlinks to their articles, blogs, websites and videos writing at many Revenue Sharing Websites can help to increase visitors.  If you write articles using the Infobarrel platform, you write an article, wait for approval and if approved Infobarrel publishes your article. When the article gets published the article receives a unique URL (Universal Resource Locator).  The URL is the new address of your article. You then sign into a different Revenue Sharing Websites such as Shetoldme, Xomba, Addblogurl or Redgage, write new and original content to create a backlink to your Infobarrel article. Each of the Revenue Sharing Websites have hundreds or thousands of members who are active and will eventually find the backlink title interesting, decide to click on the backlink within the article, read the post and if want to read more will click on the link to direct them to your original Infobarrel article. This backlink technique to increase traffic works. I use this method to direct visitors to my articles and have seen an increase of traffic.


If you're an article writer who creates free websites using many free website builders, linking your Infobarrel articles to the free websites accomplishes two things. The first one is simple; linking your Infobarrel articles to your free websites over time increase traffic to your Infobarrel articles.  Make sure the article your link to your free website fits the topic/subject of your free website. Relevancy matters.  You don't want to link articles that speak about how to increase traffic with how to make beef stew. The topics don't match or compliment each other and linking articles to your website that speak about to different topics with no relevancy does not help your website get indexed to search engines. You will confuse the search engines when they spider your website. The robots scan content of websites and scan the URLs linked to your website. If you're a Pay Per Click Publisher who earns revenue writing articles/create websites , you want the Pay Per Click Publisher Networks to match ads that fit the topic/subject of the website.

Linking your Infobarrel articles URL to your website does help Infobarrel's overall success. The search engines will take notice that Infobarrel's Domain is linked to many Domains which helps give Infobarrel a higher rank when being indexed to the search engines in general. We want Infobarrel to become popular. The more Domains 's Infobarrel is linked to the more new members will join and the more of an audience we article writers will have because of Infobarrel's popularity. The more people who become a member of Infobarrel the more of a chance our articles will get read and viewed. This is a win for everyone.

There are dozens of free website builders for article writers to use to help expand overall online presence and helps increase traffic over time. I use a handful of free websites builders and I've linked many of my Infobarrel article URLs to them and have linked my Infobarrel referral link to them too.  This backlink technique to increase traffic works. I've updated free websites I've created by linking my Infobarrel articles URL to them and I have seen an increase to the visitors to my websites. Again, this technique works, it's free and it's fun. One more reason to create free websites is that the website you create will eventually receive a high rank by the search engines. Let me explain. About mid 2009 I created a few free websites and every few months I'll take the time to edit the content, add content and add more links to each of them. When I add links I am adding my article links to the websites and I've noticed traffic increasing and noticed the websites slowly creeping up within the search engines. They are now being indexed with a higher page rank.

Article writing is fun especially when you use free Revenue Sharing Websites platforms such as Infobarrel. You can expand your Internet Business and help yourself attract more visitors to your articles creating backlinks writing at other Revenue Sharing Websites and creating backlinks linked to your free websites. It all adds up, helps you expand your presence online and helps you earn revenue faster than you did before.