Increase Traffic for Your Blog or Site and Keep It

We all work very hard to increase our page views to our content. The more page views the more income is typically made. Increasing page views is wonderful but you want the visitors that are willing to stay and become members of your community. If they will commit to your community they will commit to page views. Both of these will generally go hand in hand.

Remember the audience you are writing for and always give quality content. Quality content will bring the traffic back again and again. You don’t necessarily need to post each day but make certain each post is well thought out and well written.

These are a couple of hints on things you can do to increase your traffic to your site or blog and keep it;


  • Make your first few of sentences or paragraph really stand out and draw the reader in.
  • Many bloggers will choose to only post part of their content, article or post, on the page and ask the blogger “click here” to see more. This is an advantage or disadvantage. You may have visitors that won’t read more, why bother when they weren’t engaged with the first content they saw.

On the other hand, you may have a reader that would have read the entire post if was availableto him/her but are too lazy to “read more” and will leave the content before reading the entirearticle that may have been more interesting than the first paragraph led them to believe.

There are some writers that contend they can get more out of their page views with using thisformat. Readers will click read more and they receive two for the price of one on page views. Iam not sure if this is how Google reads page views or not.

  • Some bloggers and website owners swear by polls and other interactive content to draw traffic. However, my personal experience has been that this doesn’t guarantee traffic moving around your content. This is a distraction and can drive traffic away from your content.
  • Don’t allow your content and articles to get lost in the jumble of other content on your site or blog such as pictures or advertising units.

I know that the ads pay the bills, but make certain your blog is attractive and not gaudy. Youdon’t want to be a neat freak but make certain your blog content stands out and is an easy readfor the traffic that you have attracted and want to keep.

  • Link back to other posts on your blog.

This is used by every content writer and blogger. Links, links, links. Whenever they arevisiting make the stop by several of them to get the visits for your pages.

There are some readers that don’t mind the links if the author doesn’t overdo it. However, ifyou spam your own content with a link for every other sentence, it doesn’t read well.  I believethat one or two is more than enough. If they want to read more you will get more out of themsearching your links or earlier posts and getting an overall feel for your site.

This is a great way to promote older posts in your content. However, only backlink to your ownposts if it adds something to your content and doesn’t take anything away.