Since I sold my Ernie account and started writing on InfoBarrel under the Gonzo Moniker I have been attempting to focus more on social media traffic. I still use keyword research and want as much Google traffic as I can get. I love my Google traffic and nothing seems to convert into as many ad clicks as does traffic from Google. Since I switched to focusing on driving more traffic from Social Media I have been able to get a lot more traffic from social media websites. (Duh!)

The problem with a lot of this social media traffic is that it is not converting into ad clicks. The exception to this is Pinterest. Pinterest is the Holy Grail of sending visitors who will also click on ads. They may not click near as often as Google searchers but in my stats they click a lot more than Facebook and Twitter traffic. Here is a screenshot of my top Traffic sources since I began writing under the Gonzo Name on InfoBarrel.

Here are some thoughts on each of my top referrers.

Google Organic

I love Google traffic and if it was not for the Panda update I’d be rolling in a new car and doing damned good financially. My new pet peeve is when people proudly state that Panda did not affect them at all yet you go back to the forum archives and they were whining like a bunch of little girls that their traffic from Google dropped after Panda.

After Penguin my traffic actually increased. I liked the Panda algorithm update. What I do not like about Google is that at any time the SERP can be changed and your traffic can drop off. In an ideal World we would be able to survive without traffic from Google. Although I will continue to try and get as much traffic as I can from Google I will also be looking to continue building up alternative traffic sources.


I love Pinterest. As an Internet marketer and writer on InfoBarrel I believe that this traffic source is greatly underused. The key to properly using Pinterest is to include a great image. I have seen people “Pin” the Bubblews logo a million times on Pinterest. Look, if you post a crappy picture it will not get shared. If on the other hand you post an interesting, funny, motivational, or otherwise cool picture it can spread like Wildfire.

Pinterest Tip

I have greatly increased my referral traffic from Pinterest once I changed my settings on Pinterest to allow search engines to include my profile in their results. If you have not changed this yet you should go into your Pinterest settings and update it.

My favorite thing about Pinterest is that the visitors from Pinterest will click on ads much more often than Facebook and Twitter visitors. Pinterest visitors also seem much more likely to click on ads on viral style articles that are not targeted towards them specifically.


Tumblr is my new baby. I have been using Tumblr to drive traffic to different websites. I have a niche bicycle Tumblr blog that is continually driving me traffic to other websites even though I no longer use it. I set-up a generic blog using Tumblr on my own domain and have been able to get a high percentage of my traffic from Tumblr. Tumblr is rocking my Bubblews pageviews also.


Wetsage is one of my Tumblr blogs. I have had tons of traffic driven towards other sites using Tumblr. I am now trying to get even more traffic to InfoBarrel from the Tumblr blogs. The good thing about having a Tumblr blog using your own domain name is that if your blog ever gets shutdown by Tumblr you can still use 301 redirects on a new blog using the same domain. You also will get the benefit of developing links back to your domain from the various Tumblr blogs that repost what you post.


Facebook is a great traffic driver for some people but I am not as successful with it as others are. I think I just prefer to use Pinterest and Tumblr because I have had much better results with it.

Do What Works

Some people will read this and think “oh Yeah, I need to do that”. This is not necessarily accurate because you need to do what works for you. Some people are able to drive tons of traffic from Twitter with little to no effort. If Twitter is working great for you then keep your primary focus on using Twitter to drive traffic. On the other hand though it does only take a few seconds to also Pin an image and to share it on Tumblr. 

Use Great Images

One of the keys to properly using social media websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr is that you have to use interesting images. A crappy and out of focus picture that is grainy will not ever go viral. On the other hand look at the images that get a lot of likes and shares and get an idea for types of images you can use that have a better chance of going viral.

One of the best things you can do to get traffic from social media is to invest in some books and begin reading. The more you study then the more you can learn. Once you have learned some basics it is time to get going and begin using Pinterest, Tumblr, and other social media websites.