We do not exercise enough in the United States. Overweight and obese conditions run rampant here, because Americans spend their time doing anything but exercising properly. If you want to avoid the deadly physical status quo in this country, you need to dedicate yourself to improving your aerobic fitness. Several types of exercise work well to accomplish this including swimming, bicycling, and running. If your joints are in good condition, you should consider running, because running is an excellent method of improving aerobic fitness.

Aerobic fitness does not increase immediately. If you are within normal weight standards, it will take 1 to 2 months for you to begin responding to aerobic training (especially if you are brand new to the exercise). If you are overweight or obese, it could take you three months to a year before noticeable improvement happens. Most especially with running, performance is closely linked with weight. Therefore, overweight individuals will gain the greatest benefit from tailoring their diets to include more fruits and vegetables in conjunction with a running routine. Whatever your start point is, you must certainly exercise patience in order to continue improving.

A common problem with a new running plan is a lack of a goal. If you do not have a desired end state in mind, then your running and attitude will reflect this. You should focus on a plan that is progressive in both speed and miles. If you are having trouble finding the motivation to sustain this effort, you should consider signing up for local style 5 kilometer races in order to have something to work towards. Running in races also gives you a time to improve upon, and the competitive atmosphere of racing can inject a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation into any running plan.

The benefits of running extend to both physiological and psychological ideas. Physically, running will improve your ability to process oxygen, your leg and abdominal muscular fitness, your cardiovascular health, and your overall weight and physical health. Psychologically, running can wake you up and energize you by increasing oxygen levels in your blood and increasing your basal metabolic rate. It can also elevate your mood when endorphins get pumped into your blood during heavy workouts, and it can literally train your mind to push harder in everyday tasks. The patience required to continue running a given distance can be translated to the working or relationship environment as well. Consider introducing a new aerobic plan or kicking your current one up a notch in order to improve your life.