The power of the internet and the connections that people can make using Facebook are enormous.  Recent world events have highlighted how powerful the use of the internet can be. Whether it is Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook people are connecting with each other and sharing information. So how can you get started using Facebook to spread the information about your company.


Set up a personal Facebook profile for yourself. Go to the Facebook website and sign up for free.  Create your personal page and include all the information you can about yourself.  High school, college, business and personal interests; add a picture for all to see. Make sure to include any other names people may know you by, for example your maiden name, if you are now married.


To have a business Facebook profile you will need to have a personal Facebook profile. 


You can begin by either creating your personal Facebook page or by setting up your business Facebook page. If you begin by creating your business page, before it is completed you will be asked to create a personal Facebook page.


Create a separate profile for your business.  Go to the Facebook home page. Below the green sign – in box, you will see “Create a Page” for a celebrity, band or business. Click this link.  You should be LOGGED out of your personal Facebook account when doing this. Continue on the right side under the Official Page, you will darken the radio button to create a page for a local business. You will get a drop down screen to choose the type of business. Insert the name of the business in the box for Page Name. You must check the box that you are the official representative of the business.  When you click on Create Official Page, you will be asked for the information that will link this business Facebook Account to your personal Facebook Account.  If you do not have a personal business account, you will be able to set one up.


Once your personal Facebook page is set up.  Search Facebook for people who you know and invite them to become your friends on Facebook.   Ask them to share the information about your business Facebook page, with anyone they know who may be interested in any way with what you do.  The more people who become fans of your business Facebook page, the more people who may need to use your product or services at some time.


Each day on your business page put industry information that would be interesting to your friends.  It does not have to be an ‘advertisement’ for your services.  Most of the time, it should not be.  Use it to share information about things that may concern people who may have a need for what your company does.   If you          are in the pool services industry, you could put up information about new pool chemicals or tips on how to maintain a pool.


When you have special events happening, then you can let all of your friends through your personal Facebook page know, but also the fans of your business Facebook page.


For example, if you were a restaurant owner you can highlight a different menu item each day. When you have a special you can also let everyone know that as well. Use photos as much as possible. People love to see, not just read about things they are interested in.  Create picture albums of events at the restaurant.  This is just one example of how to share information with people who may have a desire to visit your establishment.


Join groups on Facebook so that as many people as possible can know about you and your business.


Expect  to spend a little bit of time in the morning and evening on Facebook.  But it can be the most productive ‘soft advertising’ that you do.  It probably will not lead to business growth overnight, but once your Facebook profile is there and you are updating it once or twice a day, it is there all the time for people to see.  Unlike a newspaper or magazine ad or coupon that you may mail out, that may end up in the wastepaper basket after being read.  It could be the best investment of time you make to promote your business.