Increasing your click through rate may be the difference between making money and not making money. Therefore, locating ways for increasing your click through rate (ctr) are of vital importance. These are a few ways that will assist you with your website or blog and performing that task. Of course guaranteeing that this will occur is impossible but it can certainly provide you with a place to start and a plan of action.

  • Add pictures or visuals to your articles

You can use color to your text. Add pictures that have a little comedic touch if you article is light hearted. Even incorporate a different font to break up the monotony. A different font doesn’t necessarily mean go unprofessional. However, if you enjoy the Arial font, try something else that is still professional but looks slightly different from the usual.


  • Shorter articles can sometimes stimulate people to take a look

If you have a blog or website that has articles typically over 1000 words, you might want to shorten them up. Break one article into 2 or 4. You can create a series. Part 1 of 4, part 2 of 4, etc. even though the content may be great, most readers don’t want to read a 2500 word article, no matter how appealing or interesting you may think it is. You may enjoy it, but most readers don’t.  Roughly 400 to 500 words will allow you to hold a readers interest


  • Use your key phrases and keywords in articles

When you use keywords and key phrases make sure that you don’t overuse. A nice keyword density is around three and a half percent. Exceeding this amount won’t kill your article or blog, but sounding natural with a great flow could be lost. In addition, you want to stay on point so if you don’t use it enough you may not get the article content across to the reader.


  • Great articles make for terrific reading, always

Having great content and articles on your site or blog will increase your readership and make people want to join and read more. Besides, your name is connected to the content and you want to make something you can be proud of. When selecting content for your blog or site, do research and find out what is hot and what is not.  You can gather information from articles that are page ranked high-this is what content readers are searching for. You can also utilize tools available on the web that reveal what key phrases or keywords are searched for most often. Google has several tools available. In addition, you can find out what articles in your archives received the most reads. If you can find those articles, expand upon them or write follow ups if able.


These are only a couple of tips for increasing that click through rate and getting possibly a couple more followers or customers.

click through rateCredit: google imagesCredit: google images