Many individuals argue that the reason they cannot lose weight or stay in shape is because they simply do not have time to dedicate to daily activity or workouts. Furthermore, people commonly view exercising as indimidating and tedious.

Setting a workout schedule can be not only difficult, but also cause some to view exercising as more of a job than recreation. The most common activities that people think of in regards to fitness are running and lifting weights - these are also activities that many people dislike and avoid at all costs.

The key to understanding daily activity is realizing that all activity helps you maintain a healthy weight and improve your overall fitness. If you cannot dedicate an hour each day, or even three hours per week, to working out at a gym or running, there are many small changes you can make in your everyday life to increase your total daily activity level.

The American lifestyle is extremely sedentary; therefore, our society presents many opportunities for changes which will increase our daily activity levels. Monitor your activity level for an entire day, including your chosen methods for transporatation, and you will soon find numerous personal opportunities to increase your overall caloric expenditures.

Monumental changes are not necessary - start small.

The next time you drive to your local shopping center or grocery store, park farther away from the doors than you normally would. This small change will increase the total number of steps you must take, and though it is indeed a small change, after a week of completing errands in this manner, you will see a significant increase in your overall activity level.

Once you are inside shopping establishments, avoid escalators and elevators whenever possible. By taking the stairs you are burning a significantly higher amount of calories than if you simply stand in place and let a machine bring you to your destination.

If you talk on the phone a great deal while you are at work, stand up and pace back and forth during the conversation. This will not only help break up your day (by getting you out of that uncomfortable seat), but also increase the number of calories you burn while working. As always, avoid elevators and escalators. Take the stairs at work. You have the rest of the work shift to be sedentary!

If your work site is close enough, consider biking daily. This will not only increase your total caloric expenditure, but also decrease your overall vehicle expenses (such as gas and maintenance)!

When you are home in the evening, if you do not have time to set aside specifically for walking, add some incentives. Any errands you need to take care of, within walking distance, should be completed on foot. This is a great excuse to get some extra exercise for the day while also enjoying your surroundings and completing necessary tasks! You will learn much more about your neighborhood on foot than you will from your car.

Although everyone states a lack of time as the reason they do not workout regularly, nearly everyone spends at least 30 minutes watching TV daily. To increase your activity, do push-ups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks during the commercial breaks. This allows you to burn more calories without missing the next episode of your favorite show!

As you can see, a daily workout is not necessary to burn more calories and increase your daily activity levels, and there are many more ways to subtly do so. Get creative and have fun with it! After all, you only have one body. Take care of it and you will live a longer, healthier, happier life!