The more money you can make online for most of us the better. WebAnswers is a terrific site for earning online by simply asking and answering questions. Finding ways to make WebAnswers work successfully for you to earn more money doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Be active with WebAnswers. This is similar to other question and answer websites. Being active will improve your chances of finding questions to answer that fit your specialty or niche. Additionally, it will give you more opportunities to answer questions.

The key to earning on WebAnswers may not be necessarily how many questions and answers you complete on the site, but how you answer questions on the site. A great way to understand how to earn more money with the site is to recognize and monetize the payment process for WebAnswers.

These are the different questions on WebAnswers and how you can earn with answers you give;

Awarded questions

Multiple answers are given for each question asked. The person that asks the question will select an answer they think is best and “award” the responder as the best answer. Once an answer is awarded as a best answer you will receive the payment as displayed on WebAnswers minus the fee applied by the site of 40%.

Open questions

If the question has not been awarded to any one member, all members that have answered that particular question will receive payment until the question is awarded. The payment is based on the number of clicks on the questions and answers displayed so far. Members that have answered the question will take turns receiving payment.

Members who have previously received an award for open questions are given priority for earning clicks on open questions. These are the members that will earn more money with WebAnswers for open questions.

Better answers will earn members more turns with click earnings. Users with poor or shorter answers that aren’t awarded as a better overall answer will not get priority for clicks for questions on WebAnswers open answers and will get fewer earnings on open answers.

The better answers a member provides for each open question, the more awarded questions a member will receive which converts to increase your earnings with WebAnswers.

Bot Questions

Bot questions are received at WebAnswers from another site on the web. These are generally avoided by many site members. Though, these can sometimes have fewer members vying to compete to receive the award. Bot questions can also be awarded the same as other questions posted directly to WebAnswers.

Seek bot questions that have at least two or fewer answers and make more money with WebAnswers. You can earn with click income for Bot questions as well as awarded income. A Bot question that only has your answer should be promoted to earn click income and increase your earnings with WebAnswers.

Blue Questions

Blue questions have already been answered and are not worth review because awards have been given.

Questions with a lot of answers

Questions with a lot of answers are generally overlooked by a lot of members as not  receiving any real income from WebAnswers. This is not true in some cases. If these questions are answered,  but not awarded and you feel that you have a detailed answer that is better than the rest of the answers and has a great chance of being awarded, by all means answer them. However, for any questions where you don’t believe you have a good chance of receiving the award, don’t bother. Your time may be better spent elsewhere.

Questions matching your abilities or niche

Questions that match your ability are a great choice for answering. These are questions where you don’t have to do much research and still give a detailed relevant answer that has a great chance of being awarded.

These are several different ways of earning money by increasing your earnings with WebAnswers. The key to your earning power with the internet site is to understand the payment methods and monetizing your answers.