Shawn Achor shares the view of how positive psychology can affect our lives to help make us work better, faster, more proficient, be more optimistic, but most importantly to have fun and be happier along the way.  I could not help to notice all of the correlations of this positive psychology and Chiropractic and health and wellness.

Our society seems to spend most of the time educating focusing on the average person rather than looking at the people who are above the curve.  There is so much to learn from the individual who is excelling in music, education, language, athletics, energy that we can learn and then change the method of education from bringing them down to the average and bringing the average up to their level. 

The way that our society educates people is the same way that our health care system works by studying sick people rather than studying the lifestyle habits of healthy people.   This would provide the knowledge for sick people to regain what they have lost, their health

Shawn goes on to state in his video that the external world is only 10% of our long term happiness.  This means that when you see someone else’s life and they have the big house, nice car, great job, this is only contributing about 10% to their overall happiness and the other 90% is actually coming from the way that their brain is processing the world.

In relation to health, 2-10% of all the nerves in our body are sensory.   What we are consciously aware of in our bodies is a very small percentage of how our bodies are actually working. 

Take the example of breast cancer.  A person can feel their breast and find a lump but in the same time have the perception that because the lump does not hurt and they seem to feel perfectly fine then it is not a big deal, even though they may have a potentially life threatening disease growing inside of them. 

The same is with heart disease, a guy feels good one day and then dies the next of a heart attack.  Was he healthy the day before or was he just not expressing symptoms of the life threatening disease that had been growing inside of him for a long time.

When happiness is placed on the opposite side of success we will never get there.  I got good marks now I need to get better marks, I achieved my sales target and now my sales target has been raised, I got promoted to a good job now I want a better one. 

We are always chasing the carrot on the end of the string rather than being happy in the moment.  More focus needs to be placed on raising our positivity in the present and this will increase our happiness advantage. 

Positive brains perform better than negative or neutral brains increasing helping us to work harder, faster, more proficient and to be more optimistic.

In order to rewire our brains Shawn recommends 2 minutes a day for 21 days the incorporation of the following 5 things.

1.    3 gratitude’s (write 3 new things each day that you are grateful for)
2.    Journaling
3.    Exercise
4.    Meditation
5.    Random acts of kindness (email one person a day from your  social/work network of people and show your appreciation for them in your life)

When we look at our health we are looking at things in a very similar way.  Our health is not a goal that is only on the horizon, it is something that is with us at this very moment and the things we do all the time affect whether we are moving toward health and wellness or toward sickness and disease. 

We are living in the moment. 

Find the blueprint for fulfilling the requirements that your body needs in order to be healthy and the more that these are implemented for a period of time, preferably a lifetime, you will have no choice but to move towards health and wellness. 

The key ingredients are all a part of living your Life By Design, which includes a proper brain body connection, eating, moving, and thinking all By Design.

Happy As A Baby