Even in this poor economy there are opportunities all around us for people to take advantage of and try to gain an edge in life. The internet is one of the biggest places right now to look for some extra money. If you look at some of the most successful people you would see that they have some secondary sources of income that provide constant cash flow. For some people this means owning apartments or renting out space while for others this may mean running a vending machine on the side.

When I talk about increasing your income with constant cash flow I'm talking about using the internet to work for you overnight and all day every day. There are several ways that this can be done. The best way to generate residual income to provide a constant cash flow is to either blog or write online. If you write for sites that pay you for your articles then once they are written you stand back and reap the rewards as long as the sites are operational.

There are several sites out there where a person can gain some extra income to jump start a steady cash flow. The big three that I use are Bukisa, Associated Content and eHow. Between these three sites I almost earn enough to pay all my monthly bills and have only been writing for about 3 months. Of course each one pays differently than the others and with different methods and rules. Bukisa pays per view with an average in the $3-4 range per 1000 views. Associated Content pays between $1.50 and $2 per 1000 views but they also pay more for longer documents and sometimes pay between $2-5 upfront for good articles. eHow is different in that they pay according to ad clicks meaning you get a percentage of the money they make from your articles. I would recommend all those sites if you're interested in making extra income with a constant cash flow.

However let me recommend InfoBarrel in addition to those mentioned above and there is a link here on the page where you can sign up to start making money. In many ways InfoBarrel uses the same approach as eHow with the exception that they are a much better site. The creators are more open with writers and upfront with the way they pay them as well. They also offer contests and give the opportunity to earn more if you continue to write articles.

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