Earn Money from Sewing

Have you dreamed of earning money from home while you have school-aged children? One idea for many women is to earn money from their sewing skills. Start by doing it part-time and if you enjoy it, then turn this hobby into a home business. I hope this article will give you ideas on how to increase your earnings from different types of sewing.

How many of your friends earn good money yet dread going to work every day and often spend hours commuting back and forth in the process. That is not the way to live your life. I know we have to earn enough to eat and pay the bills. Although we can still earn a little extra by doing something we enjoy and save money on travel and fuel expenses.

What do I need to get Started?

First, ask yourself; what type of sewing are you interested in doing?
Here are a few suggestions:
• Quilting
• Embroidery with a sewing machine
• Hand embroidery
• Hand sewing and embroidery
• Tutor sewing
• Curtain and drapery
• Dressmaking

Teaching a craft

Home Business- SewingCredit: ©TPhotos

You can earn money no matter what type of sewing you prefer doing. For instance: If you have done a lot of quilting, then why not advertise and teach other people how to learn the basics of this wonderful craft. It is easier when you have someone showing you step by step how to do it, than learning from a book.

Computer embroidery is another thing altogether. These sewing machines are not cheap so you could teach a person on your machine or go to their home and teach them in their own environment. You can create your own text instruction sheets and give out patterns for them to follow.

Start your Own Home Business

Helpful Books

Earn money from your sewing

These books offer step by step information for the beginning sewer. It is amazing how much you can learn from other people. Books on this subject can teach you simple, quicker sewing techniques. Be prepared to learn new ideas as your sewing improves. Short-cuts can save you time, without reducing your professional work.

Alterations or Dressmaking

You may prefer to make garments for children or adults. Or do some repairs and alterations. There is nothing worse than buying an expensive dress, then you either lose or put on weight and need a nip and tuck or a hemline altered.

It is amazing how many people need help replacing a broken zip. If you can do this and turn up hems then you can still earn money. Then as you learn new skills, add these to the list of things you can do.

A few ideas to try:

  • Curtains and drapery
  • Repairs, alterations and replacing zips
  • Make children's clothes
  • Make adult clothes
  • Offer a mixture of everything
  • Tutoring Machine embroidery

Curtain making and Drapes

This book will give you the tips, tricks and photos to get you started with new ideas on making your own curtains and blinds. It will guide you on choosing fabrics, types of stitching and seams and the correct way to take measurements.

If you have made curtains for your home, then why not make them for friends. If you do a good job, word of mouth will spread, and you will soon have customers knocking on your door.

Sewing Kits

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories
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Well made to hold all those bits and pieces. This little beauty comes with everything that a beginner sewer will need to keep everything neat and tidy in plastic trays.


Sewing Cotton threads and Bobbins

You will need loads of cotton threads and bobbins, no matter which type of business you decide on.

Sewing Cabinets 

Having a versatile sewing cabinet will make all the difference to your comfort when sewing. The added bonus being these cabinets also double as a stylish piece of furniture when packed away.

Reupholster and recover Furniture at home

There is nothing more rewarding than recovering your old chairs, stools, sofas or even the lounge once you have gained a bit of confidence by starting on something small.

Re-Upholster- Recovering an old ChairCredit: TPhotos

The image above shows an old patio chair that I recovered. This one was easy as I made it with a slide on cover using an envelope section on the back. This slides over the back of chair preventing the cover from slipping down. This reduces the need for tying on pieces to hold the cover in place.

Advertising and Business cards

In the beginning start with your friends, then as you gain confidence advertise on the local shopping boards, sporting clubs and the local church. Word of mouth will soon spread if your work is professional.

Many business cards often end up in the bin. To avoid this add a little magnet on the back. This will encourage many people to stick on their fridge, ready for when they need your services.


This is something that could interest some sewers and keep you busy.  Many sporting facilities need people to embroider advertising monograms on hats, shirt pockets, towels, and many other articles.

You can start out by using your own embroidery sewing machine. If you find you have more clients than you can cope with then buy a professional machine.

Finding Customers

Many hotels, motels, clubs and sporting facilities need these types of services. You can contact local businesses in your area. Ask if they would like a logo of their business on hats or shirt pockets.  It would be advisable to take a sample of the different styles you can offer them.

I hope this article will give you new ideas for trying to earn extra money from your sewing at home.


Embroidery Machines

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These machines will keep you busy, whether it is making kids clothes, or embroidering table clothes, you will love the ease of making great gifts for friends and family.
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Comes with needles, bobbins and hoop and instruction manual.

Start your own Home Business