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Everyone knows that Japanese women have the longest life expectancy. We may not be able to live exactly as the Japanese but we can learn some of their good, healthy habits. Here are some tips that may increase your life expectancy rate, Japanese and American style.

~Drink Green Tea~

Drinking green tea can be really beneficial to your health. One of the benefits of green tea is that it lowers blood pressure, through an amino acid called R-Amino Butyric Acid. It also lowers blood sugar through Polysaccharides. This is one good way to increase life expectancy. Drinking Green tea on a daily basis, not just once in a while, will be sure to give you the benefit you need. Try drinking at least a couple of glasses a day of pure green tea.

~Steam your food~

Steaming your veggies will hold in the important vitamins and nutrients that keep you healthy. Boiling your vegetables destroys all the useful nutrition and benefits. If you don't have a steamer, they are very inexpensive and worth the investment. You can also get a metal insert to fit inside a pot and some of them are adjustable. 

~Improving Habits~

Look for ways to decrease medication by improving habits. If you smoke cigarettes try to cut down or quit. If you drink too much caffeine or too much alcohol, try to cut back. Improve your stress level if possible, by finding new ways to relax. Enjoy life so you will increase your life span. Walking on a daily basis can help you relax and make life more enjoyable.

~Pure Water~

Drinking pure water is important. Get a water filter or buy spring water instead of straight tap water. Make sure you know what kind of bottled water you are drinking as well. You should never assume that it's a good brand just because it is bottled water. There are lots of bottled water brands that are just filtered water, not spring water at all. Either way, filtered or spring is better for you than tap water.


Get up and exercise. It will increase your productivity, make you more alert, help you enjoy life and increase your life expectancy. This doesn't necessarily mean going to or joining a gym. There are lots of options in exercising. Exercising regularly may add up to 4 years to your life. 

Learn to do like the Japanese, American Style.



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