Increase the Probability of Getting an Interview




The thought of looking for a new job is often scary for many people.  It takes a lot of courage and motivation to continue to apply for positions, especially after receiving rejections.  You may spend what seems to be countless hours searching for and applying for jobs, only to have prospective employers say they've chosen someone else.

It appears that your hard work is not paying off and your motivation is no longer a driving force to continue on.  But in spite of decreasing motivation, you can still give yourself a fighting chance.  One of the best ways to increase your chances of landing an interview is to have a well put together resume.  The resume is often the first impression you will make with a potential employer.

Thus, it is important that your resume showcases who you are as a professional.  Below are some ways that will help you rewrite your existing resume. Sometimes the details, the type of words you use and don't use will be the thing that helps you land an interview.  But don't be naive, a resume may not guarantee you'll get a job, but it can open up the door for an interview.

Examine the list below and see how you can increase the probability that you will receive an interview:

1. Focus your resume on the job you are seeking.  You may have to create different resumes for different positions.    Before you write your resume, take time to identify your strengths and weaknesses to analyze who you are as a professional.

2. Identify positive characteristics.  This is where you need to analyze your skills, abilities and work experience.  Once you've done this, pull out your positive characteristics and match them to the ones the employer is looking for.

3. Remember, your resume isn't a biography or curriculum vitae.    A resume should reveal who you are a professional and include true statements about yourself.  It shouldn't include achievements from your elementary and middle school years.

4. Use your resume to convey that you are a good match for the company.  The goal for many applicants is to have an eye catching resume, unlike others, but what does this say about how you would fit into the company.  Make sure your resume includes substance that translates into you being a good fit for the company.

5. Write about real accomplishments and avoid excessive boasting.  Avoid statements such as, "Best employee in the company" or "Beat every other office."  These statements do not tell who you are a potential employee.  Nor do these statements prove what you are writing about is true.  Be specific in your accomplishments.  Do not use general statements.  Instead use, "Employee of the Year Award (2010)" or "Reduce wasteful inventory by 25%."  Show the company that your accomplishments are real.

6. Do not use two or three verbs in one sentence.  The sentence may lose its effectiveness.  For example, avoid "Designed and implemented a new management solution." Instead break up the sentence to say, "Designed a new management solution.  Implemented the management solution which increased employee productivity."  Start your sentence with one verb and keep only one verb in each sentence.

7. Avoid repetition in your job descriptions.  If you mentioned you performed programming in one job description, it is not a good idea to present this same information in other job descriptions, unless is was central to your job.  The point is to convey postive characteristics that have not already been written.

8. Use positive words.  Avoid using negative words like, limited and avoided.

9. Write a good summary.  A summary will convey job related things about you that will be important to the employer.  In addition, it will show that your professional goals are consistent with the needs of the company.

10.  In the summary, write what you can offer the employer and avoid making demands.

In conclusion, use the above tips to rewrite your resume and prove to the potential employer that you deserve an interview. Once your resume highlights positive characteristics that  show your compatibilty with the employer, send out your resume with confidence!