An Honest Review of Dragon Naturally Speaking

Have you ever struggled to write? As a new writer I have been struggling to produce enough content. While I was watching television (instead of writing as usual), I happened to notice the Dragon Naturally Speaking software being showcased on the shopping channel. I saw this offer before but I had not really looked into buying it because I assumed that it would cost too much money. However, after looking online, I was able to find a pretty good price for the software that was reasonable.  So I bought it and here is my review so far.


Once you finally set it up, the Dragon Naturally Speaking is incredibly easy to use. The newest version of the software contains a training video which will walk you through the steps to set up the program. Now I will say that about the stuff of after singing on TV so I did have some hesitation about how easy it would actually be to use. However after using it for a few hours, I know that it will help me produce a significant amount of content.

Setting it up

The software is easy to set up. You only have to insert the installation disk and click on it in order to begin setup process. Often people have problems because they do not follow the exact directions
that accompany the disks.  In order to have an easy installation, you should make sure that you only run the Dragon Naturally Speaking on your computer.  This means that you should not run any other programs while you are installing the software, this includes your antivirus program. After installing the software, you should consult the training video.


I have been trying out various aspects of the software to see if it was actually worth the money.  After trying it for a few weeks, I decided that this is an investment that I must keep.  I like the ability to use my voice to control the computer.  You can use the software to search documents, search the internet, and obviously type articles.  You can even add stylistic features (like italics, bold, and underline) to your document with the software.

Unconventional Working

I am one of those people that can’t sit still for too long.  I usually work for a while and then go take a break.  While using Dragon, I can walk around the room, write while exercising, or even lay down if I want to.  If you get a headset without a wire, you can write while you are away from the computer screen. 

 Perhaps the reason why I like this offer so much is because I realize the advantage of not having to look at my screen all day. As with any other software Dragon will of course require some amount of editing and some amount of work to learn how to use it but in the end the payoff appears to be great.


If you want a way to improve the amount of work that you produce, you should consider the Dragon Naturally Speaking Software