Become Superman In Minutes!

Increase your strength by 10%?! Is that even possible?

That is a big number especially if you are already pushing an impressive amount of weight in the gym but what if you found out there is a way to immediately increase your strength by at least 10%? I don’t know about you, but any serious trainer would want to hear about it on the spot. It’s true; there are a few ways to increase your strength on the spot without special training programs.


There is just one thing, you have to already be a training in the gym to actually notice the differance. If you are new and you are trying these techniques, they will benefit you greatly but you won't notice the 10% increase because you haven't even started lifting yet!

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Imagine this; you’ve been invited by your gym buddies to work out together at the gym. You know it’s going to be a good day because you want to show off your progress. You’re hours ready before the workout and you’ve been watching bodybuilders and professional athletes train on YouTube.


The big pre workout meal has been consumed hours ago. Your iPod and everything else is definitely not going to be forgotten this time. You’re more and more anxious as it gets closer to leave for the gym. It’s Monday, so it’s national bench press day and everyone else has a chest workout as well.

Mentally you’re focused on the big set, physically your hands are shaking and your heart is pounding. The gym is in front of you and you’re friends are waiting inside. The first step inside is the step to glorious victory for when you show that you can bench press more than anyone else there.

With all this preparation you’re positive that you’ll impress the friends with you around the bench. When you bench press your most, you realize they are not impressed because they can press 10 pounds heavier than you.

The game is on and the warm-up has just started, if you don’t press at least 20 pounds more than them, then all the preparation for this workout would have gone to waste. After taking a quick break, you come back in a rage, more than ever and you set yourself up in the bench.

The weights feel just as heavy as your greatest and you struggle every second and sweat to get it down to your chest.

There’s that moment, the moment that you know everyone is watching you press up the massive amount of weight. If you don’t break through this moment, everyone is going to laugh at you. Everything is put into pushing it back up and back into the rack. You just jumped 20 pounds ahead of your greatest.

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Stay Hydrated:

When you are dehydrated, your mental and physical performance decreases by as much as 10%. About 60-75 percent of your body is made up of water.


Forget about the strength loss for a second, a slight 2 percent drop of water in the human body causes a decrease in concentration and mental performance.

It can also impair your performance in the gym, your endurance and strength decreases by as much as 10% if you are not hydrated properly. If you want to build muscle and strength, then you need to give your muscles what they need and that's water. It will help with weight loss, muscle density and "toning".

There are more than enough benefits for one to be motivated to drink more water.


Without it, you don't have transportation for your nutrients to be delivered. By the time your thirsty, you are already dehydrated so to insure your water intake is high enough, keep a constant supply in arms reach. And maybe a toilet if you are not used to drinking water.

Don't worry though, your bladder will adapt to the high intake of water and you won't be using the bathroom as much as you would be in the beginning

The Right Diet:

You can have the best workout program in the world but you will not see progress without good nutrition. Sure you might have heard of that guy who workouts on his moms bakery and sweets but you're not him.

You need to make sure that you get the right foods so you can have the greatest results from your workout. If your going in the gym with a full stomach, you will suffer from this as all your blood will be focused on digesting the food and not your working muscles. This isn't what you want.


You should focus on healthy protein, fats and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates should low glycemic so you have a long lasting steady energy with a stabilized blood sugar. Perfect examples of carbohydrate sources is oatmeal or brown rice.

Sugarcane juice is another great one since it doesnt have simple sugars and it also has a perfect amount of vitamins, minerals and potassium. The best source for long lasting, pure protein that is straight from Mother Nature is eggs.

It has everything you need for a physically and mentally demanding day. It also has healthy fats which are great for preventing heart diseases and it slows digestion of the protein.

Give your body time to digest the food before the workout. You can't expect to do your best if you just had a full plate of pasta an hour before your workout. The internet has a great source of general guidance for digestion of foods.

Find Your Role Model:


Have you ever seen a world record being broken or your favourite athlete performing for the world champions that they win in?

Or maybe a boxer that is undefeated with superb fighting skills? When you watch your favourite hobby being played or your activity by a professional, it would inspire you right?

If you are a bodybuilder than you may watch Arnold Schwarzenegger or other professionals that you love do exercises that are extraordinary to watch.

When you watch these kind of videos or look at their pictures, it will inspire you and it will give you a vision to work towards to.

These professionals usually have a way of approaching their game. Like a powerlifter who is about to lift their greatest weight. It's like watching the hulk pounding the ground and ready to smash their heavy weights.

Watch the professionals and let them move your inspirations sky-high. Use YouTube as your weapon!

Read stories:

If you are overweight or used to be, then you’ll know that you felt inspired by stories of people who went from 250lbs to 150 lbs. The details the diet and the commitment make you want to carry out something similar. If you’re a bodybuilder or power lifter you’ll be inspired.


Get Your Adrenaline Spiked Up

This one can be very taxing on your central nervous system as your adrenaline will shoot through the roof. It should only be used sparingly, though it can get addicting when you see how well it works. Have you ever heard of the story where a mom found her son under a tire of a parked car while trying to fix it?



The mom had no fitness or strength background but she was able to grip from under the car and lift it off her unconscious son until the authorities arrived.

If it wasn’t for her adrenaline, she wouldn’t have been able to get past the mental or physical barrier of lifting the car off her son. This doesn’t mean you can lift a ton but you can use this technique to lift more and harder than ever. Imagining similar situations will help you get more out of yourself. You will become faster and stronger as if your life was in danger.

If someone was pointing a gun at your face while you were bench pressing demanding you to slam on more weight or repetitions, I’m more than certain that you would do so.



This should be one of your main weapons of energy and focus. Caffeine puts you in a fight or flight mode, it will release adrenaline and put you in "beast mode"!

If you already consume caffeine on a regular basis, you might already notice the great effects it has. And a concentrated caffeine source can greatly increase stamina, intensity and focus which will turn you into a machine in the gym. Though, it doesn't mean you can go crazy because it does have some negative effects.


Many studies show that caffiene has a effect on your mental and physical performance. The increase on stamina and boosting alertness is proven so it will greatly improve ones workout. That's why many athletes and bodybuilders consume this before performing their exercises or sports. If you consume it regularly, the effects will become less pronounced and the amount to do the same effects as the first time you consumed caffeine will be more. To save money, and to do better, you should use caffeine only when you really need to.



One study shows caffeine use for activities can actually decrease performance after 6-8 weeks. This might answer why you feel sleepy after drinking a cup of coffee. Watch for the symptoms as it is better to take a break than to further cause dependence on your caffeine use.

Have a goal:

Without a goal, you won’t have a target and no target means you don’t know what you’re aiming for. If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, then where is the motivation to do your best? You need a goal to reach for and continuously make new ones when old ones are beaten.

If you're not very good at making goals, there is something that can help. Make your goals S.M.A.R.T: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely. Also keep in mind the goal should be related to what you want to be!



Mentally Visualize:

If you are not visualizing at all, you may be missing out on some serious gains. Visualizing works for anything and it is useful when used for a muscle. A mind to body connection is very crucial in any fitness activity. If you do not see your muscle growing and improving, than your focus and concentration might be a little off.


Visualize yourself succeeding your goals in the very next workout. Depending on the exercise, imagine moving the most challenging weight and trying to beat your previous records. Use all your senses, your smell, your sight and hearing.

You should be able to feel the confidence and power that comes with your exercises right on the spot. When you walk in the gym, you will feel as if you’re absolutely positive that you will beat the challenges.

Update Your Playlist:

Your playlist will have an great effect on your workout. If you don’t listen to music, than you should try to change the playlist or genre to see what suits you best. Everyone should have their playlist personalized, or you might listen to Rocky’s theme song which definitely will make you feel like you could rule the world.



If you already have a playlist that’s been working fine, that’s great but if you add a few more songs for the most challenging sets you will shock your eyes to fresh music and it might motivate you more than ever.


Try a pre workout supplement:

What is a pre workout supplement? I bet you've seen one on tv or in the health market but you just didn't know what it was. It's basically a supplement, most of the time it's a powder, and it's suppose to have ingredients that will boost your performance in the gym. I say it's suppose to because that's the purpose of a pre workout.

Yet you'll find many pre workouts that have very little servings and do nothing for most people. Some pre workouts will offer a 20 gram serving with fillers and artificial flavors while others have 5 grams of various ingredients that only make you take more than one scoop to get the proper dosage.

This is where you're much needed research should be done. Beta alanine, creatine, amino acids and caffeine are proven to do more than enough for boosting the performance in the gym. You will find many formulas with secret labelling which doesn't tell you how much of each ingredient is in each serving.


If the serving is only 3 grams and there's 3 ingredients, it may not be enough. It's cheaper to make your own supplement by buying separated ingredients or find a trusted company that makes decent supplements. I will post an amazon link to my favourite supplement and in my future articles, I will write about the supplements that I have tried. 

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Try Them Out!

Try any of these techniques will help you experience at least a 10 percent increase in strength.  If you are already implementing these techniques, I do not encourage using them further as you may hurt yourself. You should know your own limits and it’s never worth to break your form to impress someone else. An injury may slow or stop your complete progress.



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