There are many various exercises to increase strength and gain bodyweight. The difference between these exercises is in techniques while the main approach remains the same. You follow the traditional way of doing aerobics or lifting the weights. And it works, nobody doubts. But there is another way, quite radical indeed, but not the less effective as a traditional one.

The type of bodyweight exercise we are going to speak is called Dhandalibhiaski and it originates from ancient Indian practices Vedic fighters used for their training. A person does not require any equipment, indeed there is no need for any special room or clothes. You can do the exercises at any age; there are no special physical requirements as well. All you will need is 15-30 minutes a day and preferably a large mirror. You can do them in the morning or in the evening - when you have time.

The number of exercises is not fixed: you can do as many as you can or like to do. You just need to use your imagination and strain your muscles as much as you can while you do the exercise. Now we are going to describe some of them; when you get the idea you will be able to invent your own.

The first exercise is called 'Javelin-throwing' and fully resembles the actual throwing of the spear by a sportsman but of course there is no real spear for you to throw; it is imaginary. If you have never seen such thing you can watch a sport channel or video and try to replicate the movement. You don't have to do it perfectly, just get the idea, and later as you get more experienced the movement will improve. Well, have you got it done? OK, then the key of the exercise in not the movement itself but how you do it. First of all you need to strain all your muscles to the best you can. Try to feel your every single little muscle got some job to do. It is how you start - with all your muscles strained you try to throw the spear. Do it VERY slowly - as slow as you can; the whole movement should take around 15 seconds in the beginning (till the point when you part with your imaginary javelin), and reach the mark of 30 sec to 1 min after several month of training. When you reach the final stage as if you have already parted with the spear and it "is flying to its goal", you need to freeze for 10-15 seconds at the final position (all your muscles still strained) and then do everything back - inversely (and your muscles remain strained till you come back to the initial position where you started). That's it! This is the one of the exercises. Ideally it takes 1-2 minutes to complete (it will come after some practice). After that shake all your muscles (you can jump few times or wave your hands). Repeat "holding the spear "in the other hand.

We have explained the technique here, so you can do all other exercises in the same way. Here is a short list of them:

* Javelin-throwing'
* Archery
* Singlestick
* Logging Firewood
* Boxing
* Tug-of-war
* Mowing

And there are many others. You can invent them yourself. You can use any type of movement, or game. Just remember the technique we explained here.

A note about breathing: keep it natural. It will be strained as well in the beginning but as your practice goes, you will be worrying less about how you breathe as it will adapt itself to the movement naturally.

This bodyweight exercise has three keys to make it perfect and give your substantial results. These keys are: full muscle strain, slow movement (really slooow), and imagination. The last one is not the least! Actually it is almost the main component of the practice and it is the one that can bring faster results. Hot to use it: when for example you do the 'Javelin-throwing', try to imagine the spear you hold in your hand, its weight, how heavy it is. Also imagine how big your muscles are, how powerful and relief they are.

Imagination is a great force that can reconstruct your body over the time (well, we don't say "totally" but to some substantial extent it is possible). When you practice in creating the image of yourself in your mind, gradually you will discover that your external look also changes in accordance to what you have been imagining. It works - if you do it, of course. You see, it is very easy and doesn't cost you anything (oh, sorry, it does - your time and effort); it is just a matter of practice. If you will be persistent enough and will not give it up, you will see the first changes in your body after two weeks or one month. You will notice that your muscles have changed a little, there is some relief there; you will feel more strength in them. You will probably lose some weight (oh, it is not a guarantee, but you may :)). Don't give up and you will reap the desired fruit.