Everyone wants to sound smarter and be smarter and there is only one proven way to do that: increase your vocabulary. When you use better word choice you can captivate your audience during a presentation or get better grades on your paper.

Read Books, Get Vocabulary

Increase Your VocabularyCredit: sxc.huThe easiest way to start building your vocabulary is through reading all types of books: novels, short stories, old English poems, and anything else you can get your hands on. The reason this method works is because you are studying from the masters of language (authors).

Remember to read from authors that are constantly pushing you to learn new words. Everyone is at different stages in their word choice so it is difficult for me to offer any suggestions.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

When you are reading you should always have a dictionary and when you are writing your should always have a thesaurus. You can find dictionaries and thesauruses online thanks to the internet.

The reason why you want a dictionary by your side for your reading is so you can easily look up complicated words or anything you're not 100% about. The reason you want a thesaurus by your side for writing is because it shows you better words to use for your writing, something we all need!

Writing Is Power

 I briefly touched on this in the earlier segment. Writing is power because it will force you to apply your knowledge of vocabulary to a whole new level. Start off by writing a response to the following question: What object is to your immediate left? Describe it but do not say what it is.

If a random person that reads your writing knows what it is then you've probably done a good job explaining it. If they can't understand your writing it just means that you are trying to hard to use vocabulary rather than good writing. That's alright but always remember that the audience is the most important aspect of writing any paper.

Speak It

Another great way to practice your vocabulary is to use the words in a conversation sparingly. Don't over do it or you will send people the other way or look like a know-it-all. That's the opposite of what you want!

Test Yourself

Sometimes when you are having difficulties learning words it is best to create notecards that have the word and the definition on opposite sides. Repeat through the notecards until you can remember the word and then start adding new notecards in until you've got a huge stack that you know by heart.

Always Be Looking For More Words

Advertising and more information is always out there in the world so go find it. The best way to discover new words to increase your vocabulary is to go out and listen or read words that you want to begin using.

There Is No Finish Line

Always keep in mind that you will never know all the words in the universe, even if you memorize the dictionary. Technology is widely responsible for an influx in new words and terminology so be thankful rather than apprehensive to learn more.