Increase Your Wireless Network Speed

Increasing Your Network Wireless Signal

You don't have to be a very technical person to increase the wireless signal in your home network. Simple tweaks here and there can yield great increases in signal strength if you do it the right way. Below are some simple yet really affective ways to take your weak signal and turn it up a notch or two.


Like real estate location is key if you want to increase the wireless signal to all the wireless devices in your house. Not all wireless routers do well when they are put in areas where there is a wall or electrical device interfering with the signal. If you own a wireless router they are notorious for having horrible signal strength if the wireless router is put on the ground or near some type of electrical interference. Try positioning your wireless router in a central location of the area where all the devices share the signal and make sure the router is high off the ground. You will be surprised at how the signal strength changes.


You can buy directional antennas that allow you to point the direction of the signal in a straight line. Most wireless routers come with antennas that aggregate the signal in a 360-degree radius so a directional antenna takes the wasted signal and allows you to focus mostly the entire signal to an area where you need it most.

Wireless N

Most of the lower end wireless routers come in a standard called 802.11g the throughput and the data transmissions are roughly 2.4ghz. Why should you care? The one thing to know about what you get from wireless G is that the transmission rates are lower but because it runs on a radio band signal that most people have you will tend to have a lot of signal interference if everyone has wireless in your neighborhood. If you can, opt for a wireless 802.11n router to increase your signal strength. The 802.11n wireless routers support more than one radio band, which allows for higher signal availability.


If you've had your wireless router for a while chances are your firmware on the wireless router is out to date. Sometimes a simple firmware update can totally change the way your wireless router works and it's usually a free and painless process. Check your local manufacturer's web site for information on the latest firmware update for your make and model and it's as easy as downloading a file and uploading it to your wireless router.


When you get too far from the wireless router there is a phenomenon called attenuation. Attenuation is when the signal strength starts to degrade or get weaker as you move away from the main wireless routers range. If you want to extend that range your best bet is to buy a wireless repeater to regenerate that signal outside of the range of the wireless router.