For those of us who are crafters, sell antiques or other items at craft shows, art shows, antique shows or what have you, there IS a way to increase the traffic to YOUR booth and make some extra dollars.

Things You Will Need

*Business Cards
*Booth banner

Step 1

craft booth

craft boothLocation, location, location! Arrive early and get a spot next to the entrance or exit. If you can, get a spot on the corner. This way, everyone must pass your booth on the way in or out. If you are too late for the entrances, try next to the bathroom, or across from those really great cinnamon roll booths. Since they are always so packed, if one wanted to squeeze past, they'd have to go to your side of the aisle!

Step 2

Get a banner and place it high. You want others to be able to see your booth over customer's heads and other's booth set-ups. Stand away from your booth a ways to make sure you've placed it high enough to be seen from about four booths away.

Step 3

Play soothing music or burn a popular incense/essential oil. Music always brings a peek over others shoulders to see what you've got. The same goes for incense, but be sure to use one that is acceptable to as many people as possible. If you can get an essential oil like, "Gingerbread Cookies" or "Christmas Time", those are always loved by everyone.

Step 4

children at booth children at boothPlace goody bowls for children! Those pesky little critters drag their parents all over the place. If you save a small section of your booth to little trinkets and toys that cost 25 cents, that keeps them busy making a decision while Mom gets to look at your crafts.

Step 5

vendor card

*****Ultimate secret to increasing traffic*****

Before the big show, print up additional cards with your logo and product, and add these words, "Vendor appreciation card- an additional 10% off any item in stock if you are a vendor" You can change the discount to one you are comfortable with.vendor card

Pass these out to each and every vendor there, including food vendors and watch your sales increase by 40%! Make sure every vendor gets one!
Even in the worst of times, getting traffic to your booth is the first part in making that sale! Use these tried and true techniques and good luck selling!

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