Many people, especially men, usually adopt muscle work out campaign to improve their stamina and physical fitness. In such cases, most of them focus on their biceps, which constitute a significant portion of their arms, and are a noticeable part of the body. There are many different types of bicep workouts, to increase the size of the biceps, and this article aims at mentioning a few.

Incline Dumbbell Curl

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Among the many bicep workouts to increase the size and strength of the biceps, one is the incline dumbbell curl. The exercise is very simple, but requires a lot of energy. All you have to do in this bicep workout is to lay down on an incline and hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Then curl the hands with the dumbbells held tightly in the palms. This will contract your biceps. While doing this exercise, you should make sure that your upper arm does not move and also that while the biceps are contracting; make sure you keep the hands still for a second, before you let it go down. The greater number of repetitions, the quicker will be the results, and the stronger will be the biceps.

Barbell Curl Method

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Other bicep workouts include the barbell curl method and the method of cable curls. The procedure of the workout involving barbell in the bicep workouts is that barbell, which is more useful than dumbbell, is used. This equipment is held by the hands and then the hands are moved to the waist, until they reach the chest's height. If you wish to bring quick results, you need to make more repetitions and do the exercise on frequent basis. Slowly and gradually, you should also add the weights in the dumb bells, to enable the biceps to contract further and make them stronger. The exercise should not be done quickly, as this would result negatively.

Cable Curl Workout

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The cable curls workout, one of the many bicep workouts is also beneficial. This workout strengthens the muscles by focusing on the fibers that are present deep inside the muscles. Again, this exercise involves lifting weights. There is a bar, on which weights are placed. You will be required to increase the number of weights as well as the repetitions, slowly and gradually, for good results.


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The number of bicep workouts available is no less, and thus there is wide range of options to choose from. If you are practicing it for the first time, it is better that you go to a gym or takes help from a professional, to avoid any mistakes with the exercise. Any carelessness or wrong movement could give bad results. Also these workouts are to be done slowly and no quick movements should be made.  Whichever of the bicep workouts you go for, you will find it helpful, and resulting in strong muscles. However, the more frequently you practice, and the more repetitions you do each day, the quicker will you find the results.