Increased Cash Flow

Have you ever heard that you have to be in business for yourself to make money; it is absolutely true to have an increased cash flow. In fact, you are always in business for yourself anyways. Even while working for someone else the chances are in favor the hard worker to get an increased cash flow in the form of a promotion.

Robert Kiyosaki, from Rich Dad Poor Dad, came up with the Cashflow Quadrant in which he discusses building your own business. It is unfortunate that 80% of all start up businesses fail, that may be a statistic that prevents some from ever even getting started. But the great thing about the 21st century is that starting your own business isn’t the same as it was even a few years ago. But in some ways it is and that is a good thing. A kid can start a lawn mowing business just as he did in the past and in fact I was just talking to my eleven year old son the other day about the service business he had started. He is beginning to understand that he has control of his own increased cash flow and that the quality of what he provides will ultimately determine how much he can truly increase his cash flow.

To start your own business is a matter of beginning with the end in mind. If you have the security of a job it is always a good idea to start a business that doesn’t threaten that security and maintain that security until your increased cash flow surpasses it and then you start already having positioned yourself in a successful position.

So what kind of business do you want to start? Having an idea of what you want will help to form the end that you are to keep in mind. Once you have the business in mind you must figure out what it will take to manage all the various responsibilities you have. There may even be a intermediate step that you haven’t even thought of yet without knowing how to get there. Sometimes that intermediate step has nothing to do with the business you want to create. It sounds crazy, but what if you were to create a passive income from say blogging. That wouldn’t work for everyone and there is probably an even higher failure rate in starting that kind of business to achieve an increased cash flow. But in some cases it may very well be essential to your business idea anyway.