We can all benefit from increasing productivity. From setting goals to setting alarm clocks, there are a lot of different methods people use to start increasing productivity. One of the most beneficial things I've found in my never ending quest of increasing productivity is to make lists. Whether it's on a sheet of paper, in an email or on my phone, I find that making To-Do lists drastically increase my ability to get things done in a productive manor.

Creating and keeping lists can be an art form. Following, are a few suggestions to make those lists effective and get you started increasing productivity.

You first step is to decide on a listing method. With so many options you want to find out what works better for you. There are software programs you can buy or even get free, these range from entire training programs such as the line offered by Franklin Covey, to software programs you can buy, to even cell phone applications that can be installed or may come on your cell phones free, and there's always the good old pen and paper option. You'll want to ensure that this system is one that you like. It may take a few different trials but if you're truly going to start increasing productivity you want to make sure you choose a method that is convenient and easy for you to integrate into your lifestyle. Most importantly you'll want to choose a method that you're actually going to use.

Once you've decided on the method you're going to use you'll need to begin to brainstorm what should go on the list that will actually get you increasing productivity if you need a list to keep track of things on your list. For example don't just put "Work on the house" be specific. Clean living room, fix kitchen sink, change bathroom door lock, etc. this will not only keep things clean and organized but will allow you a feeling of accomplishment as you cross things off your list.

Increasing productivity can be accomplished in tons of different ways. To-do lists are generally only effective if you actually do what's on the list. Keep that in mind with everything you decide to do if you're going to use it you're not really going to be productive.