Introduction to Nootropics:

Nootropic brain

In today’s society we deal with more and more information every day. In work and school we are constantly competing against others on an intellectual level, trying to get the best grades or produce better work then your coworkers.

With the increase in demand for high levels of intelligence scientists have researched natural and artificial compounds that help increase intelligence and maintain proper neurological health. The compounds that they have discovered are called nootropics and are designed to improve your cognitive ability, memory, alertness and energy levels. They won’t make you a genius over night but can give you the edge you need.

How Nootropics Work:


Nootropic compounds affect your brain on the cellular level increasing cognitive ability, functional memory and alertness. How they do this depends on the type of nootropic. In general they increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain, promote the growth and survival of neurons, and regulate the amount of energy available to cells in the brain.[8]

Nootropics for beginners

brain stimulants

The first step in increasing cognitive ability is making sure that you are getting enough sleep[7], exercising and eating a balanced diet[6]. Doing these three things alone will have a dramatic impact on how clearly you can think and memory and adding nootropics to a good lifestyle will yield the best results.

When starting to take nootropics it is important to identify what area of your intelligence that you want to improve. Below is a list of common nootropics for beginners.

  • 5 gs of Creatine monohydrate for improved reasoning ability (improves IQ)[2]
  • 200mg of L-Theanine with 100mg of caffeine to improve attention and focus[1]
  • 200mg of Modafinil for increased executive functioning (connecting past experience to current problem)[3]
  • 400mg of Bacopa Monnieri to improve memory[4]
  • 300 mg of Ashwaganda to reduce anxiety levels (anxiety decreases intelligence)[5]

Hazards Associated with Nootropics:


Everyone is unique and has different biological factors in play that influence how compounds will interact with your body.  It can be hard to predict if you will have any negative effects as a result of taking new substances. The long-term effects of some drugs are unknown, and others have long histories of medical use. It is a good idea to start at lower dosages to see how compounds affect you and then increase to standard dosages.

Taking nootropics in addition to prescription medication can be dangerous so make sure that you do a proper investigating before taking any. The legitimacy of suppliers is also a concern so make sure that the vendor that is selling you the compounds has been verified. A good place to check is on r/Nootropics, which has an active community that can answer questions and help you make informed decisions. 

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