While every site owner wants to optimize their webpages in order to try to get on the first page of top search engines like Google, many people forget that there are several off-page SEO tricks you can use to boost your site's visibility greatly without a lot of time and effort. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is about more than just getting to the top of Google. It is about driving traffic to your site long-term from a wide variety of sources. There are many SEO companies now which claim that they can help you to get to number 1 on Google, but their fees tend to be fairly high and they do not always deliver on their promises. Before you spend a lot on an SEO company, why not try it yourself first? As you have been building your professional-looking website, you should have included all of the main SEO tricks that help drive traffic. Once your site is built, there are further SEO tricks which you might want to outsource to an SEO company, since SEO, if done properly, can take up a lot of time.

But if you haven't got the budget at the moment, the good news is there is a lot you can do to boost your page ranking through off-page SEO, and all it takes is some time. One of the main factors which affects your page rank is the number of quality backlinks to your site. Google in particular will rank your site based on its popularity with other popular sites. The best way to understand the power of backlinking for your SEO is to try it yourself so you can understand the process by which the search engines rank your site or page on your site. So, where can you get good backlinks?

Comments on Popular Blogs

Web logs, or blogs, have become very popular in the past few yea rs and are a great way to get backlinks to your site. Blogs discus many popular topics, from animals to video games so chances are, you will find several blogs related to the topic of your site. Read the blog entries, comment on them, and leave the url of your site in the message box or in a little signature file at the bottom of your comment. Do not spam, and be sure to add value to the discussion when you post a comment. These type of backlinks are especially effective for SEO when they are relevant, key worded, and directly related to the topic of your site. Articles Published on Article

Marketing Websites

If you're a great writer or have excellent content you can repurpose from your site to post on other sites, you can post this content on popular article banks and article directories in order to link back to your own site. Making sure you are using interesting key worded content related to your website will help convince readers of your expertise and keep them coming to your site for more information and better SEO. Article marketing does time and requires motivation. Like blog commenting, you may not always feeling like doing it but a little every day can bring big results.

Posting in Online Forums

In the same way that you can comment on blog postings, you can also participate in forums on topics related to your website. A simple signature file at the end of each posting can start adding up in terms of your off-page SEO and site visibility. Try to participate in a helpful way in the forums at least every other day to help build up the links. This will show as an increase in popularity and boost both your page ranking and your reputation as an expert.

Posting on blogs, forums and at article directory sites are three of the easiest ways to quickly boost your page ranking on the major search engines and improve your SEO within a matter of weeks, laying the foundation long term for a steady stream of traffic to your site.