The picture perfect destination of Kerala is a great attraction of incredible India. Popular worldwide as God’s own country, this southernmost state is blessed with natural, cultural and traditional wonders; making it a soulful sojourn of five senses. Here, the alluring sights, aromas, cuisines, Ayurvedic therapies and cultural panorama engage a tourist completely; making their stay here a surreal experience.

Amidst the array of sensory delights, a tourist here gets a rare chance to reconnect with his soul. A number of lofty hill stations, pristine beaches, backwater stretches, wildlife retreats, spice forests and tea gardens serve as a natural treat to the eyes. The expansive green cover is another eye pleasing attraction of the state appealing every tourist here.

The cuisine here is equally exciting. The naturally cultivated spices blending with the freshly caught fishes, crabs, and other exotic sea catch comprise the simple yet delectable cuisines of Kerala. If interested, a tourist can even catch his prized fish in Kochi and get it freshly cooked in a local beach restaurant. Isn’t it amazing? Surely it is.

But if a tourist is a vegetarian, then too there is no reason to worry.  Kerala’s elaborate vegetarian cuisine comes as a great help to such tourists. These visitors can relish the grand meal locally known as Sadya, which is typified as the grand banana leaf platter on which a majestic number of 24 dishes are served with great zeal. This feast is usually a part of Pooram celebrations. Relishing the blend of diverse flavours in a single meal brings an incredible satisfaction for the taste buds.

If one thinks this exotic experience sums up with the cuisine of Kerala; then hold the heart. The incredibly healing moment is yet to be experienced here. A houseboat ride on a backwater stretch, a unique phenomenon of this destination is a prime attraction here. Through this, tourists sense the most awaited luxury of reconnecting with one’s own self. The visitors are expected to do nothing, just sail on the backwater stretch aboard the relaxing houseboat and ponder over the beautified appeal of nature and even contemplate over the spirit of life.  

As an extension to this peaceful experience, tourists can take advantage of Ayurvedic therapies. Ayurveda is a part of Keralite tradition for over 5,000 years, which is the oldest living link to this ancient healing discipline. By availing this therapy, tourists can achieve a complete harmony of mind, body and soul. There are many olive leaf and green leaf certified spa resorts here that ensure complete rejuvenation and relaxation for a tourist.

The cultural side of Kerala is equally exciting. Featuring an array of classical, folk and heritage dance and martial art forms, the culture provides a great backdrop for tourists to understand its beliefs and civilized lifestyle. Tourists can enjoy the fusion of dramatics, emotions, elaborate costumes and mythological narratives in the form of the most famous dance drama of Kathakali. Similarly, other cultural interests like witnessing Kalaripayattu martial art, Mohiniattam dance form and meeting temple elephants can be availed easily to experience the pulsating cultural beat here.

More than sights, sounds, aromas, taste and emotion, the richness of Kerala gets under the skin of a tourist and offers a sensory experience offered by no other place in the world. And the sixth sense acknowledges the fact that there is more to this enchanting destination that is waiting to be discovered during this incredible journey.