The Playstation 3 is a great gaming console with great graphic capabilities. It has rivaled the Xbox 360 for years and has numerous features that can keep the average gamer very occupied. Many titles have been released for the Playstation 3 displaying intuitiveness and thrill that you would expect from the 21st century. So, without further ado, here's my list of the top 5 games released for PS3.

5. Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice

This game is most certainly special. This is an FPS title based on a previous title called Section 8. You probably have never heard of this game before because isn't heavily advertised as other titles. Section 8: Prejudice doesn't epitomize the perfect first-person shooter experience but it does a good job of blending ideas. The campaign mode is a bit generic but still engaging. The majority of my love for this game comes from the multiplayer.

You are an armored soldier descending from a spaceship to complete the objectives and dominate the terrain. The main multiplayer mode is setup from a base-control scheme. This is similar to a domination-based game mode on other games. However, the game plays unlike any other game for a plethora of reasons.

You don't die instantly. In fact, it's reasonably hard to kill other players. The reason for this is that your armor is equipped with a body shield that can regenerate after a certain period of time. This adds a challenge to the game, because players must team up to efficiently defeat enemies.

The equipment have specialized functions. You do have the classic grenade and land mine but there are also linear variants of the same equipment. If you played other shooter games you may notice that players that are higher levels usually dominate the game because they have better weapons. In Section 8: Prejudice, there is no technical advantage over your opponents. There is only a tactical advantage that allows you to improve your chances of survival.

Another great feature of this game is the DCMs (Dynamic Combat Missions). These missions appear when your team (or the opposing team) reaches a certain statistical threshold, such as 10 repairs. DCMs differ in style and difficulty and add flavor to the game, ensuring that no two game sessions will be the same.

I could go on about the features but the bottom line is that Section 8: Prejudice combines a lot of ideas and arranges them in the best possible fashion, thus fixing a lot of issues that modern day shooter games have. I rarely get bored of this game and always come back to it.

4. Killzone 3

Killzone 3(81774)

Oh yes!

If video games had a Golden Globes event, Killzone 3 would certainly win for the best experience.

Killzone 3 is yet another sequel to an amazing story. The story line sounds like what would be a 25th century World War III. The interesting thing about this game is that the antagonist side is displayed a lot (as seen in the screenshot).

It gives a twist to a classical war setting. The Helghast, a race of mutated humans living on a distant planet, fight to preserve their homeland that they discovered. The Helghast are stronger, faster, and more advanced in every way compared to the humans. Invasions occur between the two colonies and which ultimately leads to a war.

It's a great story and it's also a great shooter title. The gameplay varies immensely as you pick up various artillery and fight through different terrains; even the music is awesome. The audio feels authentic, immersing the player into a real battlezone. The graphics are the best I have seen and it supports 3D, as well as the Playstation Move.

It is a shooter game, and so many people might generalize it. However, this isn't your average run and gun title. The multiplayer mode is truly engaging with new game modes never before seen. There are numerous types of characters, each with pros and cons. This greatly diversifies the playing field, allowing epicness to unfold. The one aspect that sets it apart is that it feels like a warzone. You don't hear constant explosions but when you do it frightens as well as heightens the senses.

This game has a plethora of bonuses and though it could have been better (by allowing you to play as the antagonists during the story mode), this is certainly one for the record books.

3. Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Marvel vs Capcom 3(81779)

Third place goes to M.V.C.3, another sequential game.

(What's up with me and sequels?!)

If you never played Marvel vs Capcom on any other gaming systems you might not understand why it comes in third place. The first M.V.C. game was transcendental because, for the first time, similar superhero characters where assembled into a fighting game. The second Marvel vs Capcom game was released a few years after, and it improved on the first game in the most crucial way you can improve a fighting game: increasing the combat flow.

Fighting games have existed for quite some time, but many of them are based off simple button sequences. These titles did have combo systems but they weren't intuitive or easy to initiate. Then, MVC 3 comes along. This is what I pictured a fighting game to be like. Instead of two-dimensional sprites on a three-dimensional background, Marvel vs Capcom features three-dimensional sprites on a three-dimensional background.

The overriding feature that makes this game enjoyable is the technical specifications. You might be wondering why this is important. You would expect the gameplay to be important. The gameplay is important, but more importantly, Marvel vs Capcom 3 runs at sixty frames per second. It not only runs at sixty frames per second but also uses all the frames in the animation. This leads to extremely fluid gameplay.

Do you remember how in a lot of fighting games, most of the characters only had about four special attacks? You can forget about being restricted to a few techniques because this game has numerous attacks for every character ensuring that no battle is the same.

The game is fast-paced, which is realistic (we're talking about superheroes and villains here). That's what I enjoy about it. You bring three characters together and make a team to fight against whoever comes your way. This is the ultimate versus fighting game.

2. FIFA 11

Fifa 11(81784)

Let me guess.

You're probably thinking: "this guy just talked about three action-type games, expressing great enjoyment for them and now a sport game? What?"

I know. I'm surprised too that this game is on my Top 5 list. This is actually the first football game I have played and I must say, it's amazing!

I don't understand why I love this game so much but then again I do. I don't even think it's about this specific game. It's analogous to praising a guy for referring you to an awesome retail store. It's not the guy that's awesome; it's the store. The same general idea can be applied to FIFA 11. I began to love the game of football after experiencing it in this game.

There's something special about this sport. It's the happiness that you feel when you score a goal at 88 minutes. It's the thrill of executing a play flawlessly and reaping the advantage. It's the joy of finally accomplishing a goal after you worked so hard to achieve it. This sounds like a life lesson (too many analogies!), but it's true. This game introduced me to the greatness of football that I never knew about, and that's why I love it. While this may seem as a biased opinion, the game truly enhanced my experience.

The game offers every football team known. You can play in a regional campaign against other regional teams. You can be a player, a player / manager (captain) , or a manager.  The controls are smooth and the tricks are nice. There are two commentators: Martin Tyler and Andy Gray. There are lots of offensive and defensive techniques you can use to enhance your performance.

This is truly a challenging and rewarding game. If you enjoy football, you'll enjoy this game.

1. Little Big Planet 2


Oh man!

This is , indeed, the game of all games.

Yes, that's right; it's another sequel. However, it is the best sequel that I have played. Do you notice how many games have great potential but are badly executed? Well, the first rendition of this title was great (I played it myself), and this game multiplies its greatness to unbelievable heights.

At first sight, it might appear as a kid's game, that's only fascinating to small minds. Think again! This game is filled with adventure and action. It's a great family game. It supports four players for the story mode and the online play. Even if you don't have three other friends, you can play with three other people online in any mode.

A little known fact is that Disney actually made their own version of this game. It's that good!

As in all games that I favor, there's always a unique characteristic that makes it unique. The unique characteristic of this game is the best of them all; versatility. The origin of its versatility is in the level building mode. It's very community-based and users can create levels in minutes. I have seen many arcade games recreated in an interesting fashion on Little Big Planet 2. These levels ranged from: Tower Defense to Pacman to RPG to Duck Hunt. I might as well say it. Gameception! Yes, indeed. New levels are created every day based on classical ideas. The game also offers many other features such as Playstation Move, a community website, and costumes.

You will not find a more versatile game than this one.