Many felons have trouble finding work when they are released for prison. A lot of companies will not hire anybody with a felony on their record. Each year less and less companies are available that will hire felons.

The Fuller Brush Company began in 1906. The door to door salesmen knownas the "Fuller Brush Men" were commonly seen in all areas of The United States. They would go door to door and sell cleaning supplies to the woman of the house while the man was at work. A lot has changed. Most of the Fuller Brush represenatives sell over the internet.

You can start up with the Fuller Brush company and make 20-55% commission on all products you sell. You can market them to your friends and family and still go door to door. The good thing about being a Fuller Brush represenative is the repeat sales. Initally you will have many doors slammed in your face but if you keep knocking you will eventually get a new customer. After you get the first sale you develop a relationship with that customer and they will reorder their products from you. After a few years (or maybe sooner) you will have enough clientel built up that you will be too busy servicing current customers with repeat orders that you will no longer have to go door to door.

The Fuller Brush company offers outstanding products at very reasonable retail costs that your customers will more than happy with.

Fuller Brush has no Quotas, no minimum orders and very low start up costs. In fact you can actually sign up for FREE. No credit card needed. I do suggest you take a look at their other star up packages. Their most expensive start up package is $39.95. It includes eveything you need to start up. You get order forms, product samples, and a more. Well worth the cost. The $39.95 start uppackage also includes an electrostatic sweeper. You Can use the electrostatic sweeper as a demo product or you can sell it to help offset the majority of your $39.95 start up package.

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The Fuller Brush Company may be an opportunity for you to work full time. Initially you will make very little but as your number of clients increase so will your earnings. If you do decide to go into business for yourself make sure you realize that you need to "hustle". You can not sleep in all day. You will have to get out and start getting your product samples in front of potential customers.

If you can work hard at your independent sales job you will be rewarded in the future with a better income than you have now, no Boss, no intrusive urine tests, and most of all you can set a positive example for you children so they will also have a better chance to succeed later in life when they become adults.

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