Independents Sick and Tired of the Political Rhetoric

As America gears up for the last few days of the election cycle, I cannot adequately describe the amounts of political bombardment aimed at independent voters. The candidates themselves have been a constant image on television, a constant voice on radio, and a topic of discussion on the mouths of every news anchor, political pendant, and water cooler gossip all around the country. As an independent the focus of the election seems to have shifted from policy and ability to govern to absolute pandering and rhetoric. The Obama campaign has never put forth a solid campaign platform and has never really produced any real world applicable strategy to bring the country back on track to prosperity. As I watched the debates, I constantly found myself having to rewind and review what both candidates really said. To sum up Obama in a word, Nothing. The pressure on Obama to convince the undecided voters must have been too much for the incumbent. As an unaffiliated independent, the picture of the Commander and Chief constantly attacking an opponent that has not only put forth a comprehensive strategy to vault the American economy back towards success, but also has presented himself in a very articulate and professional manner to the American people, has brought me to the edge of being sick and tired of the political rhetoric of the Democratic Party. I have attempted to glean a bit of strategy behind the painfully obvious smear tactics of Mr. Obama, but it appears to this voter as a petulant, overindulged child arguing with an adult. If the President had any success in keeping the country from falling into a deluge of problems that seem to have only exponentially compounded for most Americans, than I would be on board with keeping his regime in office for another four years; however, from the vantage of the independent voter, I can only place a magnifying glass on the last four years and see what turns up. The assessment focuses on three topics that I cannot overlook.
The first is the federal deficit coupled with the national debt. I view the debt from a very general point of view. Current Debt less the Debt level when Obama took office net loss ($6+ Trillion and still counting). According to the U.S. Treasury as of the writing of this article, we as a nation owe $16,040,843,300 which equates to $51,558 per U.S. Citizen. I do not consider this a good investment and no matter how much of this money goes to support “Shovel Ready Jobs”, I see absolutely no reason to support an administration that spends money like a Stepford Wife. We need a strong economy and we need it now.
The second and equally important as the first, Obama and his mishandling of the Bengasi terror attack. Obama and his administration intentionally misinformed the public and foolishly blamed the attack as retaliation on a film that less than a handful of people saw. The man responsible for the film has since been thrown in jail over the film and not one ACLU Press Release on behalf of the man. NEWS ALERT AMERICA -- WE HAVE FREE SPEECH HERE, or at least had it. The lies portrayed by Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the State Department may not matter to some, but it sure as (explicative alert) matters to the undecided voters in this country.
The third and equally important as the first two, Obama’s complete lack of execution in the promises of the 2008 election cycle. Lets go over a few of these, Environmental – no action taken, Debt – poked finger in hole while dam overflows with his own spending, Healthcare – Obamacare (enough said) refer back to the first topic, Iraq/Afgan Wars – Still ongoing after promising to end them in 2009 (that’s right three years ago)… and so on. Why should any voter believe a word this man says?
The independent nation is sick and tired of having to watch a ping-pong game between Liberals and Conservitives and we are all fed up with the political agenda of the current regime. I don’t particularly like Romney, but at least I can say that I have heard his policies and as of yet cannot discern a lie amongst them. Vote on election day and feel confident that your opinion matters. All independent free thinking people need to be represented, unfortunately we have two choices Democrat or Republican… Oh how I wish we had a third party, sigh.