Cricket can be traced back to English shepherds who started playing it in seventeenth century. British rule in India brought the game to the subcontinent. After independence from Britain, India firmly established itself in the cricketing arena by winning the World Cup twice in 1983 & 2011.

Owing to rapid commercialization & advances in broadcasting, cricket became the most watched & followed sport in India. Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar helped transform the game into something like a religion. 

Indian Cricket history is full of some really fascinating events. Many hitherto unknown facts will be unravelled in the Quiz here. So get ready to test your knowledge. Good Luck!


Q.1 With which team, India tied a test match in Madras in 1986-87?

Q.2 What world record did India achieve in the test against Pakistan in March 2005?

Q.3 Who holds the world record for best Test bowling figures (16/136) on debut?

Q.4 India has played the most Test matches against which country?

Q.5 The lowest total scored by India in a test innings was against which country?

Q.6 Which Indian player has played most matches as Captain?

Q.7 After Sachin Tendulkar, which player holds the Indian record for highest number of hundreds & fifties?

Q.8 Which Indian player holds the world record for most number of catches?

Q.9 Who is known as the father of Indian cricket?

Q.10 Who was the first captain of Indian cricket team?

Q.11 Which captain led India to its first test victory?

Q.12 In Test cricket, who is the only player to score three consecutive centuries on debut?

Q.13 Which Indian batsman has the distinction of batting in all positions from 1 to 11?

Q.14 Who is the only player to have represented both India & England in cricket?

Q.15 Who was the first one day international captain for India?

Q.16 Which player was named India’s cricketer of the century by Wisden?

Q.17 How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score on his one day debut?

Q.18 Who is the first Indian batsman to score a triple hundred?

Q.19 Who was the first batsman to be given out by the third umpire?

Q.20 The Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) was formed in what year?


Q.1 Australia

Q.2 India scored 407 & 407/9; highest “duplicate” score in Test Cricket

Q.3 Narendra Hirwani

Q.4 England

Q.5 England

Q.6 Sourav Ganguly

Q.7 Rahul Dravid

Q.8 Rahul Dravid

Q.9 KS Ranjit Singhji (Ranji)

Q.10 CK Naidu

Q.11 Vijay Hazare

Q.12 Mohammed Azharuddin

Q.13 Vinoo Mankad

Q.14 Nawab of Pataudi Senior

Q.15 Ajit Wadekar

Q.16 Kapil Dev

Q.17 Zero

Q.18 Virender Sehwag

Q.19 Sachin Tendulkar

Q.20 1928