The picture of Indian lush farmlands sowed by sturdy bulls under the guidance of a hardworking farmer is one of the first perceptions of a western visitor. People still associate India’s hardworking farmer as the symbol of the country. Even when the country has evolved to be a major economic power with highly urbane modern culture, still its association with the villages is eternal. They are the pride of the country. With the contribution of farming produce, the rural side has a big share in the self reliance of the country. Still, the rural side is modest in approach and beliefs.

The villages are characterized by simplicity. The life here is driven by simple beliefs and pleasures. People work hard, earn their livelihood manually and make this location simply a beautiful place to live. In times when every thing is on the mad rush in cities and every body is competing to rise above others, the rural countryside provides an uncomplicated setting and a welcoming respite from the same. This is the main reason why foreign tourists prefer to soak in the real essence of India through special tours.

The serene locations with rural traditions characterize the countryside. Different from the cities in terms of culture and lifestyle, the countryside presents the opportunity to experience India at its peaceful best. The tourists come to the rural villages here to find peace. Here, the means of living are limited, but the joys of life are unlimited. Tourists come here not as tourists but guests. Here, they practically experience the real definition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah.’ As per this timeless tradition, guests are not just the guests but are worshipped like gods. Hospitality here personifies this belief where guests receive personalized and warmth throughout the time of their stay. They are offered simple meals with love and affection. Often they become the center of attention at these households. They simply treat the guests with the best they have. And this is what wins the traveller’s heart over.

Apart from the hospitality, the communities are also involved in colourful and artistic. This unique colourful side also fascinates the travellers. Many villagers are actively involved in the making of high quality handicrafts items. These celebrated specimens are created with a lot of hard work and dedication. Each village boasts of specialty in terms of handicrafts. For e.g. Madhubani in Bihar is renowned for its unique Madhubani paintings. Even many Punjab rural locations here bring to life the concept of colourful embroidered gardens called Phulkari. The rural Kerala works with coconut coir to create the handicrafts souvenirs. Similarly, the tourists during their special tour can source Terracotta items, brass utensils, clay items, embroidered suits, woven sarees, silver jewellery, carpets, rugs, paintings, etc and make their trip memorable.

Purchasing these products not only brings in direct income benefits to the villagers, but also helps tourists take away souvenirs and memories of this unique stay in India. In short, the village trips establish a mutually beneficial relationship for the hosts and the guests. A rural tour is about all this and much more. To experience the genuine simplicity of life, visit the rural side of India.