If you have deep passion for wildlife, no other place are you assured of some great rare species than India. When planning for your vacations India itinerary make sure you have included Guindy National Park. Guindy is one of the biggest National Parks and is a hot tourist attraction located in the town of Chennai. The region is part of the wider Tami Nadu which is under government protection for the safety of the wildlife and other natural attractions.

The park is a spectacular tour spot bringing in tourists in thousands every year. It is home to hundreds of rare animal species and numerous plants, rivers, waterfalls and a natural forest. Some of the animals that are found here include hyenas, the spotted deer, chital, jungle cats, foxes, black bucks, Indian civet, the pangolin and many more. Tourists who love bird watching have a chance to see fly catchers, quails, honey buzzards and parrots.

A Snake park at the Bay of Bengal is another pace that you cannot afford to miss on your vacations India holiday. Hundreds of snakes call this park home. Here you can see pythons, king cobra, vipers and many more. Marina Beach is considered one of the biggest beaches in the world and is also found in Chennai. This is also an excellent place to while away your vacations India as you enjoy basking under the coastal sun on the sandy shoreline.

There are exclusive resorts where you can spend a night or two depending on your schedule. Here, you can take part in numerous fun activities like swimming, fishing, horse riding or just relax as you enjoy the soothing breeze.
The humble town of Chennai which used to be a fishing town is also a great place to sample the rural Indian lifestyle. Walking alone or with a guide in the villages is a wonderful experience as you meet and make new friends with the locals.

India, one of the oldest countries in the world, offers many exciting attractions for travelers. Located in South Asia, India is the seventh largest country in the world and home of one of the largest populations.

Home of many major religions of the world, India is an ideal destination for a religious tour. Travel destinations for such tours may be broadly classified in the following major categories on the basis of destinations belonging to different religions.

India has a number of Mountain Rivers which you can try on a holiday in India.