You know that you have some Native American blood in you but you do not know what tribe. Now you can find out what ancestrally roots you have and which Native American tribe you are from with a Native American Ancestral test.

You use this ancestral DNA test even if you know for a fact you do not have Indian blood in your family tree. This ancestral DNA test will trace back your top 20 matches based on your DNA. It can show weather your ancestral roots are based out of Say Scotland, Russia, North America, etc.

If you were adopted and have no idea of where your ancestors came from then this ancestral DNA test may be just what you need.

This ancestral DNA testing uses both your maternal and paternal DNA to trace back you lineage. It can show you regions of the world where many people live that have a similar DNA pattern. You may find out that you match the DNA patterns of a large portion of people that live in say Bavaria, Germany.

Indian DanceThis ancestral DNA test kit can test your DNA lineage regardless of weather your are Native America, African America, Hispanic or even Caucasian people.

This Indian ancestral DNA basic test kit costs $150.00 and is currently on sale for $139.99.

If you are an African American then tracing your genealogy can be extremely difficult if not impossible. By using this ancestral DNA test kit you could possibly learn that your DNA matches a specific territory such as Gabon, Tanzania, and Zulu South Africa.

By using this test kit an African American could possibly narrow down their search and make their family genealogy easier to trace back as you would have a possible staring point such as Zulu South Africa.

When you receive a kit in the mail after you order it you simply rub a swab in your mouth ans send it back to the company. They will do the ancestral DNA testing and run it through their computer and then make a custom DNA marker kit for you. After they complete your ancestral DNA testing they will send you a PDF file to your email and you will then be able to learn more in depth about your ancestrally roots.

If your ancestral DNA results come back that you are affiliated with an Indian Tribe it will not help you get recognized by that tribe. You can however use the detailed ancestral DNA information to help track your lineage and then by knowing where to start your lineage tracking you may be able to complete all required documentation to be recognized as member of a specific Native American tribe that you may be related to.

For more information on ancestral DNA testing you can visit DNAtribes and learn more about their ancestral DNA analyzation.