What is the Indian Reservation Non Payday Loan About?

Non payday loan from an Indian Reservation?  If you have seen the advertisement from the Indian Reservation Company saying you can get an emergency cash loan with no credit check then you may be wondering what that is about.  Can you really get an emergency cash non payday advance loan from this company and how does it work since it is an Indian Reservation. 

Apparently, you can get an emergency cash non payday loan from the Indian Reservation company, but it may cost you more in the long run.  The company states that it is cheaper than a pay day advance, but that's not the case. With their emergency cash loans you could be paying back thousands of dollars in interest, while with a payday emergency cash advance, you are paying significantly less money.  A ten dollar payday loan is a better option if you are looking for emergency cash for $100 to $1000. This means you only pay back $10 for every $100 you borrow, so you know exactly how much you will have to pay back on your emergency cash loan.

With the non-payday emergency cash loan from the Indian Reservation, if you borrow $4000, you could be paying back $30, 000 or more depending on the interest rate quoted to you at the time of the loan.  Also, you are practically dealing with a sovereign entity, which means you may have to deal with a separate set of laws.  If you are interested the Indian Loan TV commercial, you can read more about:  Press Here.

Payday Panda is another option if you are looking for emergency cash.  It is a collection of over 60 payday loan lenders.  You give your information and then you will be matched with lenders whom may be interested in lending to you.  You can ask about the ten dollar payday-fixed interest emergency cash loan when you apply with them. Some payday emergency cash lenders give you the option for a fixed rate payday loans commonly referred to as a ten dollar payday loan, you just need to ask for what you want so you are not stuck with just anything.

When you apply for any payday or emergency cash loan online, you will need to give personal information. So be careful who you give out that information to.  Be prepared to discuss your salary, each payday and non payday emergency cash lender have different requirements but the going amount is $1000 per month in stead income.  You may also need a checking account where you can get direct deposits.  Good credit is really not necessary with payday lenders because it is a loan based on the fact that you have steady income to pay them back.  However, depending on the emergency cash lender you choose to deal with, a credit check may be necessary.

The Indian loan TV commercial doesn't give you too much information, in fact the print was so fine you could barely make out the fact that it was from an Indian Reservation.  The interest you pay on their emergency cash loans may just be too much for you, but in the end it all depends on what you need the money for and how badly you need that emergency cash.