Okpo, South Korea is a busy harbor town in the Gyeongnam province, famous for its thriving shipbuilding industry which draws foreigners and their families from dozens of different countries. In this diverse South Korean town situated on the island of Geoje, several fantastic restaurants have been established to cater to foreign tastes. These special foreign food restaurants in Okpo provide the community with a little taste of home. 

Lasania Restaurant in Okpo South Korea - An Indian and Pakistani Cafe

The Lasania restaurant in Okpo is a new addition to the foreign food scene, offering fresh and home cooked Indian and Pakistani meals at reasonable prices. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. Located just off the main road and about a 3 minute walk from the Admiral hotel, the Lasania restaurant is easy to find and nestled between popular foreign food marts. 

Owned and operated by Shamee, a Pakistani native who came to Korea 15 years ago, the Lasania restaurant offers a cultural experience in and of itself. All dishes are cooked to order and fresh. Some of the tasty dishes include pakora / samosas, delicious re-imaginings of the popular appetizer, and palak paneer, a mixture of cooked spinach, spices and cottage cheese. 

Bread is made fresh on the premises and is a wonderful compliment to any meal, as are the homemade chutneys and varied dippings sauces. Unsweetened yogurt pairs excellently with just about everything. 

The Lasania restaurant is a welcome addition to the Indian and Pakistani restaurants already in Okpo. Its convenient location, delicious food and low prices will be appreciated by diners looking for authentic tastes on a budget. 

Lasania Indian and Pakistani Restaurant in Okpo, South Korea - Menu

For your convenience, the Lasania Indian and Pakistani Restaurant's menu is reproduced below. 

Lunch and Dinner at the Lasania Indian Restaurant in Okpo

1. Mix Vegetable Set -includes  bread, plain rice, salad and soft drink (w 8,000)

2. Chicken Jalfarzi Set - includes bread, plain rice, salad and soft drink (w 11,000)

3. Chicken Curry Set - includes bread, plain rice, salad and soft drink (w 8,000)

4. Mutton Qurma Set - includes bread, plain rice, salad and soft drink (w 8,000)

5. Aloo Bangan - contains potato, cooked egg and spices (w 8,000)

6. Aloo Palak - contains potato, spinach and onion (w 8,000)

7. Palak Paneer - contains potato, spinach and cheese (w 9,000)

8. Dall Chana - a spicy curry made with chickpeas (w 7,000)

9. Dal Makhani - a curry made with onion, garlic, butter and ginger (w 8,000)

Boneless Chicken Dishes

10. Chicken Qurma - a dish made with green chilis, garlic, ginger, onion and tomato (w 10,000)

11. Chicken Palak - a dish made with green chilis, garlic, ginger, onion, tomato, cheese (w 10,000)

12. Chicken Ginger (w 12,000)

13. Chicken Jalfarzi (w 11,000)

Beef Dishes

14. Beef Masala - a dish made with yogurt, tomato, ginger, onion, and green chilis (w 9,000)

15. Beef Curry - a dish made with yogurt, tomato, ginger, onion, and green chilis (w 8,000)

16. Mutton Qurma Masala - yogurt, tomato, ginger, onion and chilis (w 11,000)

17. Dal Ghosht - onion, ginger, garlic and oriental spices (w 11,000)

18. Mutton Handi Boneless - a curry made with cream, garlic and oriental spices (w 20,000)

Barbecue Dishes

20. Chicken Masala (w 15,000)

21. Chickend Tandoori (w 15, 000)


22. Plain rice (w 4,000)

23. Plain Biryani (w 4,000)

24. Mutton Biryani (w 10,000)

25. Chicken Biryani (w 10,000)

26. Beef Biryani (w 10,000)

Tandoori Bread

27. Rotti (w 1,500)

28. Sada Nan (w 2,000)

Hot Beverages 

29. Pakistani Indian Milk Tea (w 2,000)

30. Coffee (w 3,000)

Cold Beverages

31. Plain Lassi (w 3,000)

32. Mango Lassi (w 3,000)

33. Orange Juice (w 3,000)

34. Coke or Sprite (w 2,000)


35. Plain Yogurt (w 1,500)

36. Vegetable Raita (w 2,500)

37. Cabbage (w 2,000)

Barghar Set

38. Chicken Barghar with soft drink, mango or orange juice (w 6,000)


As you can see, the Lasania Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Okpo features a wide variety of dishes to satisfy both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. The restaurant opens at 11 am and serves lunch and dinner until 11pm every day except Sunday. 

To get to the Lasania restaurant from the Admiral hotel, walk down to the main road (3 minutes) and cross the street.  The restaurant is right next to the bus stop and the foreign food mart. 

Contact Info for the Lasania Indian and Pakistani Cafe in Okpo, South Korea

Street Address: Gyeongsangnam-Do Geoje-Si Okpo 550-8 Phagg Cho South Korea

Phone: 0556873667

Mobile: 01075880195